Taylor Swift gives the family of the Kansas City shooting victim $100,000



Taylor Swift sent the family of the lady slain in the Kansas City Chiefs parade shooting on February 14 a substantial donation.

The singer-songwriter of “Midnights” sent the fundraising campaign two donations of $50,000 every Friday morning, a GoFundMe representative told Fox News Digital.

“I’m sending you my sincere condolences and sorrow following your tragic loss. Taylor Swift responded, “With love, Taylor Swift,” and sent the two donations.

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The family of Lisa Lopez-Galvan, the lone victim of the shooting in Kansas City, Missouri, during the Super Bowl victory parade, was the beneficiary of the $75,000 fundraising page. Swift was acknowledged for her contribution by the woman who created the fundraising campaign.

“This is the first thing I notice when I wake up… I never would have imagined that anything like this would have such a direct and intimate impact on my family,” she wrote on X. “You are genuinely undeserving of this planet. I adore you @taylorswift13, thank you so much for considering the community in Kansas City.”

According to a PR specialist speaking with Fox News Digital, Swift made this “humanitarian decision”.

Doug Eldridge of Achilles PR stated, “If anything, it [the donation] will only further endear Swift to the broader Chiefs fanbase.” “This was less a PR move and more a humanitarian decision by Swift and her team.”

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Swift’s donation, according to lifestyle expert Kathy Fielder, “brought light to an event that forever changed a family’s life and trajectory.”

“Taylor is aware of the significance of using her celebrity to further positive change. But it seems like all she wants to do is change things,” she continued. Her support of a mother of two and a female DJ making an effect on her city is unquestionably a shining example of how the human race has to come together as a whole, support one another, and uplift one another. Her example leaves a trail of compassion and encouragement.”

Swift left for Australia on February 14 in order to resume her current tour, hence she was unable to join the parade. Before going on stage four times in Sydney, she has three gigs scheduled in Melbourne.

Chiefs player Travis Kelce commented on the fatal shooting on social media, while Swift made a public donation: “I am heartbroken over the tragedy that took place today.” My thoughts and prayers are with everyone who joined us in celebrating and was impacted. You are so important to me, KC.”

Following the shooting, the United Way of Greater Kansas City and the Kansas City Chiefs organized a fundraiser for the benefit of the victims and their families. Together, the NFL, the Chiefs, and the Hunt Family Foundation contributed $200,000 to start the contribution process.

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Travis shared the team’s fundraising effort on his podcast’s Instagram page, even though it doesn’t appear that he has contributed to the family’s official GoFundMe page.

At approximately 2:00 p.m. local time, gunfire broke out during the Chiefs’ victory parade in Kansas City, resulting in 22 injuries and one fatality close to the Union Station parking garage. Later on, the deceased was recognized as Lopez-Galvan, a local radio DJ and mother of two children. Despite the fact that eleven kids were hurt in the shooting, it is anticipated that they will heal. Two of them received more injuries, and nine of them were shot.

At a press conference on Thursday, Kansas City Police Chief Stacey Graves provided updates on the ongoing investigation and stated that prosecutors were still in the process of filing charges.

Fox News Digital was informed by Kansas City Police that two minors are being held at this time. After it was established that a third juvenile was not involved, they were released. In order to decide on charges, investigators and juvenile prosecutors are now reviewing investigative findings.

There is no proof of any connections to terrorism, according to the authorities, who added that “the relationship between the subjects involved is still under investigation”.

The Daily Mail reports that on the same night as the shooting, Kelce and several team members—including quarterback Patrick Mahomes’ wife, Brittany Mahomes—were seen going to a prearranged celebratory dinner.

Some people might think the move is a “bad look”.

“Kelce has earned every dollar he has made, but nevertheless, there is a certain expectation that he will give back to support the very community and fanbase who helped catapult him to eight-figure stardom,” Eldridge stated to Fox News Digital. “Keep in mind that endorsements are a sign of popularity and appeal off the field, not a result of on-field success. Kelce failed to deliver on this one.”

Swift was present at Super Bowl LVIII to cheer on Kelce and the Chiefs as they faced the 49ers from San Francisco. The Chiefs prevailed 25–22 in overtime.

With 123.4 million viewers, Super Bowl LVIII was the most viewed game in history. However, many people watched to see their favorite blonde pop diva, not to watch the football game.

The public shows of affection that Swift and Kelce share, which are televised, are particularly enjoyable to the “Swifties”. Following the Chiefs’ victory, the pair enjoyed a private moment together on the field.

Swift gave Kelce a close embrace and several kisses, and the musician put her hands on the tight end’s face.