Taylor Swift Ends the Year on a High Note by Being Named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023. She Asks, “Um, This is Real?!”



Listen to Spotify When the 2023 results were all in, Taylor Swift topped the list. The “Cruel Summer” singer was at the top of many charts. As soon as the results came out, the 33-year-old singer took to social media to thank her fans and audiences for making it happen. It was also announced that there would be a new From The Vault track. She sent a long message on her X account, which used to be Twitter. Plus, she posted a video message saying “Thank You” on Instagram.

Read what she wrote below:

“Um ok this is unreal??” Swift wrote at the beginning of her post to show how shocked she was. Thank you to everyone who listened to my songs this year, no matter where you were. “Being named Spotify’s Global Top Artist in 2023 is the best birthday/holiday gift you could’ve given me,” she said. Our tour and this have been THE MOST FUN things we’ve done this year. “Are you sure?” In order to say thank you, many of you have asked me to make “You’re Losing Me (From The Vault)” available for viewing. So here it is! “Now you can finally listen EVERYWHERE,” Swift said.

Taylor Swift shares ‘Thank You’ video

The singer from Midnights shared two things on Instagram: a picture of X and a video message on her story. In the video, she thanks her fans for playing her music and talks about how thankful she is to have been named Spotify’s Global Top Artist, beating Rihanna to the title in 2012. She says, “Hi, this is a special message from me to you. It’s kind of like a thank you note.” “To be honest, it looks like you heard a lot of my music this year. I’m so thankful to be on your Spotify Wrapped, no matter what age you were tuned in to.

Spotify’s most-streamed artist each year

2012: Rihanna

2013: Macklemore & Ryan Lewis

2014: Ed Sheeran

2015: Drake

2016: Drake

2017: Ed Sheeran

2018: Drake

2019: Post Malone

2020: Bad Bunny

2021: Bad Bunny

2022: Bad Bunny

2023: Taylor Swift