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Taylor Lautner is an actor, model, and martial artist from the United States. He got a big break when he was cast as “Jacob Black” in “The Twilight Saga,” a series of romantic fantasy movies.

Taylor Lautner Wiki/biography

Taylor Lautner was born on February 11, 1992, so she will be about 29 years old in 2021. He grew up in a family from Grand Rapids, Michigan, the United States, that was in the upper-middle class. He is known to be an American and a Christian.

Taylor Lautner went to Jamestown Elementary School and Valencia High School in Santa Clarita, California, when he was younger. After that, he went to Grand Valley State University, where he finished his degree. From a young age, he was interested in acting and dancing, so he moved to Los Angeles to become an actor.

Relationships, Family, and Girlfriend

Mr Daniel Lautner is the name of Taylor Lautner’s father. He was a pilot for Midwest Airlines. Mrs Deborah Lautner is his mother, and she works for a company that makes software.

Taylor Lautner has not gotten married yet. The British-American actress Lily Collins is his girlfriend. He is seeing a nurse whose name is Taylor Dome.

Taylor Lautner Net Worth

Since 2018, they’ve both been seeing each other. He was also in relationships with Selena Gomez and Taylor Swift, both American singers.

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Taylor was born and grew up in Daniel Lautner was born to Deborah and Daniel Lautner on February 11, 1992, in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA. Makena, his younger sister, and he were brought up as Roman Catholics. He has roots in Germany, France, the Netherlands, and the United States.

At the age of six, he took his first karate class with Michael Chaturantabut, the founder of “Xtreme Martial Arts.” By the time he was eight, he had a black belt. He then went on to win several junior martial arts titles. In 2003, he went to the “ISKA Karate Event,” which was shown on TV.


After he moved to Los Angeles, he got a few small parts on TV and in commercials. Then, in 2001, he was in a TV movie called “Shadow Fury.”

After “Shadow Fury” did well for a short time, he got a voice role in “Rugrats Go Wild.” Then he was on “The Bernie Mac Show,” “My Wife and Kids,” and “Summerland.”

Then he went back to voicing characters in movies like “Danny Phantom,” “Duck Dodgers,” and “What’s New, Scooby-Doo?” During the same time, he also got jobs as a model. Adam Shankman chose him quickly to play Elliot Murtaugh in “Cheaper by the Dozen 2.”

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In 2005, he had his first big role in the movie “The Adventures of Sharkboy and Lavagirl in 3-D.” Even though critics didn’t like the movie, it helped Lautner become more popular.

Taylor Lautner Net Worth


In 2008, he was cast as “Jack Spivey” in “My Own Worst Enemy,” a short-lived NBC drama. He was also in “Love Inc.” and “He’s a Bully, Charlie Brown.”

In the same year, filmmakers started looking for a Native American teen actor to play the part of “Jacob Black” in the first movie in the “Twilight” series. During his audition, he and Kristen Stewart, who was already cast as “Isabella Swan,” both read lines from the second and third books.

Taylor Lautner’s Personality

He was chosen because of his good looks, personality, and ability to deliver lines. The movie went on to get good reviews and do well at the box office.

To play the part of the lonely wolf-boy well, he did a lot of weight training and gained about 30 pounds of muscle. Women all over the world were attracted to his body, which made him a teen idol and sex symbol.

In 2009 and 2010, he was in the second and third movies in the “Twilight” series, “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” and “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.”

In 2010, he also played Taylor Swift’s love interest in the movie “Valentine’s Day” as “Willy Harrington.”

Taylor Lautner Net worth

After the three “Twilight” movies did well, he was in “Abduction” with Lily Collins, which didn’t do well at the box office. Critics criticised him a lot for how bad he was in the movie.

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He was in the last two movies in the “Twilight” series, “Breaking Dawn, Part 1” (2011) and “Breaking Dawn, Part 2” (2012). He was also in “Grown Ups 2” (2013) and “Tracers,” which came out in 2013 and 2015.

In 2016, he was cast in a movie called “Run the Tide,” which was a drama. In the same year, he also had a part in ‘Scream Queens,’ a comedy horror show made by Ryan Murphy.

Taylor Lautner Net Worth?

Taylor Lautner is an American voice actor, actor, model, and martial artist with a $40 million net worth. Lautner started as a child actor, but as he grew up, he moved into adult roles and became well known for playing Jacob in the Twilight movie series.

Taylor Lautner has gotten a lot of attention in the media, and different publications often put him on their lists of the “Most Beautiful People.” He was also once the youngest actor in Hollywood who made the most money.