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Taurus Symbol: Here’s Everything About This Zodiac With Meaning!

In this article, we will discuss the Taurus zodiac symbol and its meaning. Therefore, if this is something that piques your curiosity, stick with us.

Taurus comes second after Aries. Taurus appears in many myths and stories. Earth rules Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. Venus rules this negative sign. Early Bronze Age Mesopotamians used it as the zodiac’s first sign since the Sun rose through it around the spring equinox. Taurus is a zodiac animal.

Let’s dive into the nuances of Taurus’ spirit animal guide based on western astrology.

Taurus and The Bull

April 20-May 20

Taurus, the earth symbol, is represented by the bull. Taureans enjoy bucolic environments, soft sounds, calming scents, and delicious flavors, like their spirit animal. Venus rules Taurus.

Let’s look at the positive and negative traits of Taurus to better understand this stubborn sign.

taurus symbol

Characteristics of a Bull That Are favorable


Taurus is educated and trustworthy as the zodiac’s “basis.” Taureans are great companions, colleagues, and lovers because they value truthfulness and avoid drama. Bulls are considered stubborn. Not quite. They’re open to new ideas but won’t modify their views to please others. Only a viewpoint shift will change their minds.


Taurus is helpful and generous. Laid-back and accessible, they’re a solid indication. They plan each move to prevent unnecessary dangers. They can be trusted to finish the job. Many in their area of influence consider them trustworthy pals and confidants who combine snark and security.


This earth sign seeks sensuality and enjoyment. Taureans like being present in their bodies through massages, long sessions in bed, or long runs.

John Cena, Kelly Clarkson, Channing Tatum, and Michelle Pfeiffer are Taureans.

taurus symbol

Characteristics of a Bull That Are Unfavorable


Taurus is dependable, sensible, and patient, but it has flaws. They’re often inflexible, defiant, opinionated, irritable, and possessive. Pressure, early mornings, rapid change, anxiety, profanity, upheaval, and pushiness might trigger these traits. Taurus is easily roused, like a bull.


Taureans’ intransigence may irritate some. Pessimistic Taurus can have tunnel vision and focus entirely on themselves and their demands. Taureans are routine-oriented. They’re displeased with the disruption to their pattern and will be upset if it’s uprooted.


Tauruses harbor grudges. After being wronged, people have trouble forgiving. If a Taurus bull wants a healthy relationship, it must be patient and willing to “cool off.” A bull must also remember that fantastic ideas might come from other sources.

Why is the Bull the Taurus Zodiac Symbol?

Taurus means “bull” According to Greek mythology, Zeus transformed into a white Bull to win Europa’s heart. Taurus’ zodiac symbol corresponds to spring, a season of rejuvenation in agriculture. In ancient customs, the bull was sacrificed to win the gods’ favor since it symbolized wealth and abundance.

taurus symbol

Popular beliefs and traditions suggest other Taurus spirit animals.

Western astrology includes spirit animals. Here’s a guide on Taurus spirit animals. Stay tuned for future posts on some of the most famous zodiac systems.

Chinese Astrology

Even though the Chinese Zodiac is based on birth year, many believe it includes a “twin spirit animal” like western astrology. The animal’s traits determine this. Chinese Taurus is here! Other aspects outside the bull may also resonate with you.

Snake is Taurus’ Chinese Zodiac twin.

Snake-lovers have near-psychic powers. Reptiles “know.” The Chinese Snake attracts people. Others risk being lost due to the Chinese Snake’s strong attachment. Intoxicating!

Snakes watch, analyse, and plan continually (which can be positive or negative). The Snake is hilarious. In a crisis, the Chinese Snake is loyal (assuming they are not deceived). The tragedy makes snakes more lovely.

Chinese Snakes remember even the smallest misdeeds and are strict with justice. This Chinese symbol may attack. Snakes don’t feel remorse since you earned it.

Celtic Astrology

Bull is Taurus’ Celtic Zodiac twin (April 15 – May 12)

If your birthday falls between these dates, the bull is your Celtic spirit animal. The bull could be your spirit animal in multiple zodiac systems. Message? Consider: Consider it!

Celtic astrology says bulls are stable and protective. Bulls can see right through you and tell you how they feel. The Celtic bull symbolizes men’s virility and women’s fertility in myths and legends. This insignia represents a bull’s aggression, tenacity, and stubbornness.

Seahorse, Taurus’ Celtic Zodiac twin (May 13 – June 9)

Between those dates, the seahorse is the Celtic spirit animal. Ancient societies worshipped seahorses. Seahorses represent power, authority, emotions, and intuition. Creative Seahorses. Seahorses inspire people. Seahorses have metaphorical qualities.

Bidirectional eyes observe their environment. You’ll understand your predicament better because seahorses’ eyes can stare in opposite directions. It reduces intransigence.

taurus symbol

The Native American Astrology

In native American astrology, your spirit animal depends on the season. This zodiac differs from western astrology for hemisphere-born people. Look at the images below to find your spirit animal.

Beaver (Northern Hemisphere Taurus Twin)

Taurus is the Beaver. “Let’s do it,” says Beaver. Beavers are convincing. High-IQ, forceful builders. Beavers are loyal and helpful within their territory.

Beaver is insecure. Beavers delve deep to vent their stresses. New experiences and people can break down the wooden wall.

As a Concluding Remark

Bull, snake, seahorse, and beaver are Taurus spirit animals.

Taurus has several positive qualities. The bull represents their ferocious and charming qualities. Taureans believe the bull’s favorable and negative features match their own. No science here.

Each person, especially a Taurus, is unique and may change unwanted features with focus and willpower. Finding a balance in spirit animal attributes can help. Use your positive qualities to be the happy Taurus possible.

So this is the end. Stay tuned, connected and keep following for the trending content all over the internet.

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