Sophon Patcharawirapong: What Has Been Going On With Thai Actress Tangmo Nida?


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The 37-year-old Thai actress, Tangmo Nida Patcharaveerapong, apparently vanished two days prior to being tracked down dead on February 26. Police have been looking since he vanished.

This actress is known starting from the first to seek after the universe of acting. His movies, for example, Bangkok Romantic tales 2, Fallen Leaf, Leh Runjuan, and Nuer Nai. She is otherwise called a whiz model in Thailand.

In light of his online entertainment page, Instagram, Tangmo Nida last transferred a representation with the area of Phuket, Thailand. On the rocks with the background of boats, slopes, and clear skies, Tangmo Nida composed the subtitle “The sun set to rise once more.”

The demise of this multitalented actress leaves a secret. Other than being great at acting, he is likewise great at singing and driving a dashing vehicle. In 2002, she took part in the Miss High school Thailand exhibition.

Tangmo Nida is known by the epithet Melon. At the point when he was 3 years of age, his folks isolated. Tangmo was raised by his dad, Sophon Patcharawirapong.

Thai Actress Tangmo Nida Passing

Tangmo Nida, otherwise called Nida Patcharaveerapong, was a Thai actress. On February 24, 2022, she was found dead. Her body was found drifting in Thailand’s Chao Phraya Waterway very nearly two days after she probably tumbled off a speed boat while out celebrating with her companions.

Tangmo Nida

She was 37 years of age at the hour of her passing. Her passing has been the subject of warmed discussion. Specialists are as yet sorting out the conundrum of that evening, from her sidekicks‘ supposed deceitful reports of the episode to what gives off an impression of being her last video drinking wine and playing with her hair on the boat.

Tangmo Nida Wikipedia

Nida Patcharaveerapong passed on February 24, 2022, brought into the world on September 13, 1984. She was a Thai actress who went by the name Tangmo.

Her critical parts in different Thai plays put her on the map. In 2003, she made her acting presentation. She kicked the bucket as she tumbled off a speedboat in the Chao Phraya Stream on February 24, 2022. After two days, her body was found.

Thai Actress Tangmo Nida Demise Cause

As indicated by the Bangkok Post, public police authority Suwat Jangyodsuk expressed that her demise gave off an impression of being a mishap in view of the proof. More data will be accessible after the scientific assessment results are released, despite the fact that witness accounts are as yet being examined up to that point.

Tangmo Nida

Tanupat “Por” Lerttaweewit, the speedboat’s proprietor, and Phaiboon “Robert” Trikanjananun, the driver, were accused of illicitly working an unapproved vessel and carelessness bringing about death.

At the point when the occurrence happened on February 24, she was with five associates: her director, Idsarin “Gatick” Juthasuksawat, the speedboat proprietor, Tanupat “Por” Lerttaweewit, Wisapat “Sand” Manomairat, Phaiboon “Robert” Trikanjananun, and Nitas “Work” Kiratisoothisathorn.

Tangmo Nida Cause Of Death

As indicated by reports, the five have been accused of carelessness and making bogus observer explanations to the police. In excess of 29 observers have apparently been questioned about the demise.

In a different interview, Tangmo’s mom, Panida Siriyuthayothin, expressed that she totally excuses Tanupat and Phaiboon for the event.

This comes after she was apparently offered 30 million baht in pay, which she had suggested in light of the money her daughter would have procured on the off chance that she hadn’t passed. She has questioned that the pay had a say in her pardoning.

Tangmo Nida

Tangmo Nida Spouse

Tangmo was married, and her significant other’s name is Tono Pakin Kumwilaisuk. However, the couple got isolated because of a few individual reasons. Furthermore, from that point forward, she focused on her career.

Phakin Khamwilaisak was 35 years of age starting around 2022. He was brought into the world on August 29, 1986. He is a Khon Kaen, Thailand-based actor and footballer.

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He’s otherwise called “The Star 6,” an epithet he got from his dad’s boxing moniker. In the wake of being given a six-month contract, he played as a midfielder for Thai Association 1 club Ratchaburi Mitr Phol.


Nida went to Pensmith School for her essential and optional investigations. She a while later went to Ramkhamhaeng College to additional her schooling.

Tangmo Pataritda is likewise a Rangsit College School of Social Development graduated class. This college granted her a four year certification in Friendly Initiative. Beside that, she has likewise concentrated on Nursing Partner. She then, at that point, moved into an expert work in media outlets.

Tangmo Nida

Tangmo Nida-Relationship, Boyfriend

As per media sources, Tangmo Pataritda was a notable actress and model in the calling. We learned Tangmo was married subsequent to leading a critical request. She married Thai actor Tono Pakin Kumwilaisuk in 2013. Because of private matters, the couple separated from following two years. She from there on started to zero in on her career.

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Nida Patcharaveerapong was dating Ken Kasper before her passing, as indicated by the outcomes. Her Instagram account shows that she has a superb daughter. Nida embraced her daughter, as per her Wikipedia profile. She much of the time posted pictures of her youngster and companions via virtual entertainment.

Tangmo Nida’s Expert Career

A scout moved toward her when she was shopping at a retail chain and encouraged her to go for demonstrating and gave her a business card, as indicated by Wikipedia. She did her most memorable business photography in 1998. Nida became keen on displaying and going about thus. She has likewise contended in various displaying challenges.

In 2002, Tangmo contended in the Miss High school Thailand event. She proceeded to work for Thailand’s seventh TV slot.

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