What is the Mystery And the Cause of The Death of Tamla Horsford?


Arvinda Dixit

Tamla Horsford Cause of Death: There are many cases that happen around the world which leave the readers in a state of stress and tension. With the developments in the country, sources are increasing, and with the increase in sources, the crime rate is also seeing an upward trend.

Three years ago, a piece of news gained a lot of attention and that’s the case of a lady, Tamla Homsford, who was mysteriously found dead after a slumber party. It has been three years to it, let’s take a look at the progress in this case.

What Happened to Tamla Horsford?

Tamla Horsford was found dead in the backyard of the Cumming Georgia home, on November 4, 2018. It has come to the news that she was enjoying a slumber party the night before her death with other football moms.

Tamla, the mother of five was at the age of 40 at the time of her death. On that day, she arrived at the party, watched a football match with other attendees, and played cards.

Several cuts were discovered on her face, wrist, hand, and legs which gave rise to a curiosity about the cause of her death.

The sources at that time collected that 3 men were also there and thus it seemed to be a case of personal conflicts but later it was linked with her race. It gave rise to many controversies and people started a race-based dimension protest against it. The police officials investigated her death and reported that it is not racially motivated.

What is the Cause of Her Death?

Tamla Horsford Death

After looking at the injuries and marks on her body, the case seemed quite clear and was assumed to be linked somewhere with her race. But the autopsy report said something different.

The case was first concluded as an accident by Forsyth County Sheriff’s Department stating that the injuries might be due to the falling of Tamla from the balcony which injured several body parts as she was drunk at that time. A blood alcohol level of .238 was noted at that time in her body and the doctors even screened some traces of anxiety drugs in her body.

This autopsy report didn’t satisfy her family members and they demanded a second autopsy. Her attorney also stated that lack of evidence, type of injuries on her body, and mismatched witness statements leads the case to homicide.

Thus, a second autopsy was performed and this report also concluded that her death was an accident.

The officials stated that they found no signs of foul play and the case was therefore closed on February 20, 2019.

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