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Disney Not Giving Up On New Mutants

Welp, the delays just won't stop for New Mutants! The film was initially set for a release all the way back in 2018 but it has hit several snags along the way; what with its numerous delays. Its first delay was back in February 2018 with…

How Fox’s X-Men Franchise Died

Fox's X-Men franchise was by and far the most inconsistent blockbuster franchise in recent memory. So, it isn't really surprising that Dark Phoenix ended up losing the studio $133 million, becoming the biggest bomb of 2019. Starting off…

Hugh Jackman Talks About The Wolverine’s Legacy

Hugh Jackman played the role of James Logan Howlett in Fox's X-Men franchise for almost two decades. The actor has become synonymous with the character to the point that it's hard for people to imagine anyone else playing the cigar-toting…
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