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Leaked Star Wars Game Is Fake

It so happened that a new Star Wars "game" was leaked online today; sadly though, it's fake. You may be familiar with that, back in the day, a follow-up to Star Wars: Battlefront II, dubbed Star Wars: Battlefront III, was being developed;…

XCOM 2: Game Is Free To Play For A Limited Time

XCOM 2 is coming to the rescue to cure your quarantine blues with a really exciting offer. The coronavirus pandemic has led to lockdown all over the world. Video games have emerged as a popular and enjoyable way to manage lockdown boredom.…

Following Review Bombing Fallout 76 Recovers

Fallout 76 arrived on Steam on April 7, almost two years after launching on Epic Store. Following the game's disastrous launch, Bethesda's reputation was blemished for years to come. Riddled with bugs (and for a Bethesda game that's saying…
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