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Rise Of Skywalker

Naomi Ackie Wants A Star Wars Spinoff

Well, I know I have been going on and on about Star Wars but I can't really help it, can I? And frankly, pretty much every news story that has come out of The Rise Of Skywalker's troubled production has been kinda hilarious if I am honest.…

What Lucasfilm Doesn’t Seem To Understand

When it comes to Star Wars, we all know the drill by now. With its poor leadership and the underestimation of how serious fans can get, Disney managed to run Star Wars into the ground, all within a span of four years. It's kinda hilarious…

Is Fan Service A Valid Criticism?

Fan service can often be synonymous with shameless pandering. Sure, it's nice to see your geek fantasies realized on the big screen but it can also feel like cheap storytelling. But just like The Force in Star Wars, there are two sides to…
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