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Top 10 Coming Of Age Movies Trending This Week!

Here's a list of the best coming of age movies you need to watch right away! Moonlight The story revolves around Chiron and the three most crucial stages of his life, which are childhood, teenage and adulthood. He has to comprehend…

AMC Bans Universal Films From Cinemas

As more and more people flock towards streaming amidst the ongoing Coronavirus pandemic, there has been a fervent debate over whether movie theatres are on their way out. Major studios have reaffirmed their decision to not skip the…

Sling TV Offers Free Viewing During Primetime Hours

Sling TV offers free viewing during Primetime hours. Read ahead to know more about the deals and discounts offered. Also, read ahead to know more about Sling TV and the channels it is broadcasted on. The Company Sling TV is an American…
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