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John Wick Was Originally Titled Scorn

Hollywood may be under lockdown but fun little tidbits just won't stop! Turns out as it is, John Wick was originally supposed to be called "Scorn" at one point. Obviously, that changed at some point! Now we've learnt just why that happened.…

John Wick Writer Won’t Do Any Spinoffs

The John Wick franchise has become a huge focal point in today's pop-culture. Much of that has to do with them being quality action films along with the fact that Keanu Reeves is experiencing a "Keanussance" of sorts! The films seem to be…

Hunger Games Prequel Film In The Works

The Hunger Games trilogy (quadrilogy?) ended with the two-part adaption of Mockingjay back in 2015. Though I still maintain the final book need not have been split into two; Mockingjay Part 2 was still a satisfying conclusion to the…
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