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Josh Trank Wrote Sue Storm As A Black Woman

Josh Trank, who directed Fantastic has now revealed he wished to cast a black actress as Sue Storm but received backlash; the role, in the end, went to Kate Mara. Up until the start of principal photography on Fantastic Four; Trank chose an…

Josh Trank Discusses Trank Cut Of Fantastic 4

Now that the Snyder Cut is confirmed to be released in 2021, there's a lot of speculation over which critically reviled blockbuster is due for a director's cut. David Ayer has started a campaign of sorts for the "Ayer Cut" of Suicide Squad.…

Josh Trank Spills The Beans On Fantastic 4

Following the release of Chronicle in 2012 and its massive success at the box-office, Josh Trank became a popular name in Hollywood. Soon enough, studios were ready to offer him the keys to world-renowned IPs. Fox offered him a slew of…
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