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Hollywood Directors Support John Boyega Speech

Many Hollywood directors have voiced their support for John Boyega and have stated that they will collaborate with him; after the actor gave a rousing speech at a Black Lives Matter protest in London. Boyega is perhaps known to most for…

Finn Loved Jannah, John Boyega Reveals

More Star Wars reveals, sigh! At least this time they're not revealing stupid stuff about a nonsensical plot that needs a poorly-written novelization to justify. Not quite, because this time it's John Boyega doing the talking. Romance…

The Rise Of Skywalker Earns The Lowest Profit

I think it's fair to say that the sequel trilogy was a bit of a mess. From poor planning to Disney assuming people would show up anyway just because "it's Star Wars", Lucasfilm's handling of the sequel trilogy is sure to be a lesson in…
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