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Top 10 Horror Movies On Hulu This Week!

Are you brave enough to watch these horror movies trending this week on Hulu? Let Me In If you’re in the mood for a vampire movie that’s wholly unique and surprisingly emotional, definitely check out Let Me In. The film is…

Top 10 Series Trending On Hulu This Week!

Here's a list of the top Hulu shows, which should make it to your watchlist right away! Ramy It is one of the best series to binge at the moment. The show was recently awarded the Golden Globe win. The story revolves around the life…

Top 5 Teen Shows Trending On Hulu This Week!

Teenage years are filled with drama, gossip, and fun. What better way to spend the weekend other than taking a walk down the memory lane by binging these brilliant teenage sitcoms! Twin Peaks Laura Palme's body was found on the beach…
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