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Zachary Levi Wants A Footrace With Grant Gustin

Zachary Levi is a pretty wholesome dude. In a recent Instagram live stream, the actor helped raised money for mental illness, interacted with fans and even had a nice little riff with Grant Gustin. Levi started off the live stream by…

The Flash Season 6 Is Ending Early

We've previously covered how the COVID-19 pandemic has impacted the film and television industry. And while The Flash was scheduled to come back on-air on April 20 with the sixteenth episode of its sixth season. CW previously announced that…

When Is The Flash Returning on TV?

As fast as The Flash is, even he isn't immune to the COVID-19 lockdown. As movie theaters and all other sources of entertainment shut store, it's only natural for us to flock towards streaming and television. But production on almost all…
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