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Top 10 Vampire Shows Trending This Week!

Are you fond of vampires? Here's a list of the best vampire series trending at the moment that you must watch! True Blood The show has been adapted from a famous book written by Charlaine Harris. It is a tale about the time when…

Top 10 Moments From Gossip Girl That Stole Our Heart!

Gossip Girl is one of the best teenage-drama shows streaming on Netflix and here’s a list of top 10 moments from GG that hit right at heart! Three Words, Eight letters When Chuck Bass said the precious words “I love you” to Blair post the…

When Is The Flash Returning on TV?

As fast as The Flash is, even he isn't immune to the COVID-19 lockdown. As movie theaters and all other sources of entertainment shut store, it's only natural for us to flock towards streaming and television. But production on almost all…
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