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Here's a list of reasons why you need to watch the show 'The Bold Type' right away! Very Close To The Fans This show is very close to our hearts, and the viewers instantly feel attached to the characters. We are all down in blue funks with Jane when she discovers the results of her breast cancer. We are jocular when we witness the characters as they gulp down their third shot of tequila. Talks About New Ideas The show is not afraid to discuss new ideas which might seem a little too modern for a conservative society. It gives us a sense of freedom when we witness the new concepts being presented without any jitters. A Whole Lot Inspiring They give us hope to pursue our dreams; they motivate us to keep faith in our passion. The show has a spirit of upliftment for those disappointed with their monotonous life. Discover New Career Choices We can carefully look at the work of a journalist, the head of social media and a fashion stylist all working for the same firm. The ups and downs about the different professions are brought to light. Beautiful Outfits This show can help you transform your look and make it more trendy. Each outfit has a deeper meaning behind it, and this show helps us decipher many secrets about the fashion world. Romance, Overdose We can see women dealing with their relationships in different ways and exploring new things such as bisexuality. Their relations with older rich men are fun to watch! Jacqueline Carlyle Is The Best She is the editor-in-chief of Scarlet Magazine, and we all idolize her as the perfect woman. Her boldness and willingness to speak for the correct thing are beautiful, and this quality of hers makes us appreciate the beautiful woman she is. Three Seasons Sometimes we prefer to avoid particular series because they are too long. But this show has just three seasons which makes it short, sweet and crisp. It is the perfect show to binge on a lazy weekend. Strong Bonds The group of girls are from different backgrounds and working together brings them closer. They develop a beautiful relationship of trust and fun. You might envy them at times because damn, they are close to perfect. Highlights Women's' Issues This show highlights several women's issues that are not being spoken about openly due to fear of controversies. This shows glimpses on the problems of rape and breast cancer among women which needs attention from society to make it a better place.

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