Tabula Rasa Season 2: Is Netflix Renewed the Second Season of the Show?



In 2018, the first season of Tabula Rasa made it into Netflix and became an instant popular series on the OTT platform. During that time Netflix was experimenting with the series for different reasons and it turned out to be a hit for this series from Belgium. We already know the net free generated widespread popularity during the pandemic and it is no wonder that people watched the series and experienced great feelings for it.

The series comprises the story of a woman who loses her money and tries to recall what happened to her. She was unconscious about everything that had happened and had no memory of it. As the series continues, we see how the woman’s right to recall everything, and the show follows the story of her throughout the journey. Audiences love the show’s realistic approach and admire the character of the show.

In this article, we will talk about the series and reveal all the information regarding the show. If you are interested in learning about it, then continue reading the article till the end to get all the information regarding the show.

Tabula Rasa Season 2: Renewed or Canceled?

A lot of people want to know about the release date of the second season and I know you are one of those people who wants to know whether there will be a second season of the series or not. To all those people who are speculating that involves the status of the series, Unfortunately, Netflix has not yet confirmed anything regarding the show. 

I know that a lot of you are already speculating about the release of the second installment as there has been some rumor as we suggest that Netflix is working on the second part of Tabula Rasa.

Many people have already speculated regarding the possibility of a second season but as of now, we don’t have any official confirmation from Netflix itself. We are currently looking into the matter and if there will be any update, we will make sure to let you know.

Tabula Rasa Season 2 Release Date: When is it Going to Release?

Are you wondering about the release date of the second season? If you are excited about the release date announcement then you need to wait for a while to learn the release date of the show. The renewal status of the series is not yet confirmed and there is no detail on the cancellation of the show.

We have already heard that Netflix remains consistent with the release of their popular show and there might be a reason behind the series not getting renewed. Recently, there has been a lot of confusion since there are many platforms that confirmed the renewal of the show. 

If the show will be renewed before the end of this year, we might expect the showrunner to get it released in 2024 or 2025. We are currently working on the updates and will edit this section if we find anything regarding the show.

Tabula Rasa Season 2 Cast: Who Will be in it?

If you want to know about the cast of the second season and want to learn all the details regarding the cast for the upcoming season and the session article is going to help you with it. Check out the post and find out who will be there if the showrunner confirms the status of the show.

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  • Veerle Baetens as Annemie D’Haeze
  • Stijn Van Opstal as Benoit D’Haeze
  • Jeroen Perceval as Thomas De Geest
  • Gene Bervoets as Inspecteur Jacques Wolkers
  • Natali Broods as Dr. Mommaerts
  • Cécile Enthoven as Romy D’Haeze
  • Ruth Beeckmans as Karen
  • Hilde Van Mieghem as Rita
  • Peter Van den Begin as Vronsky
  • Lynn Van Royen as Nikki
  • François Beukelaers as Walter
  • Marc Peeters as Boswachter
  • Tom Audenaert as Olivier
  • Gregory Frateur as Jackson
  • Bilall Fallah as Mozes
  • Jan Debski as Schildpad Man met bokaal bril

Moreover, the chances for the series to bring some additional cost as the story of the show will move forward and continue to tell more about it. Although there has been no confirmation regarding the additional cast, if there will be any update, will make sure to let you know through this article.

Tabula Rasa Season 2 Plot: What it Will Be About?

The official synopsis of the first season reads, “ Mie, who has amnesia, finds herself in a locked psych ward, where a detective questions her about the recent disappearance of a man with whom she was seen. Wolkers continues his search for Thomas Spectre and is convinced that Mie must have known him. Mie realizes that fear of the woods is linked to her admittance to the secure hospital.

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A flashback shows that Mie was certain that evil forces in the house were having a bad influence on her daughter, Romy. Wolkers accuses Me of faking her amnesia. Mie shows fellow patient Vronsky the anonymous letters, and Wolkers convinces Mie to undergo hypnosis. In the past, it seems Mie’s hallucinations escalated around Halloween.”

In the second season of the series, we are likely to see the story of Annemie. As of now, the series has not deleted anything guarding the show, but we Are confirmed that if there will be a second season, it will likely move the story after the events that happened in the first part. We Are currently looking into the matter, and if there will be any updates, we make sure to let you know through this article.

Tabula Rasa Season 2 Official Trailer

Are you waiting for the official trailer for the second installment? I know there are a lot of fans who want to know about the second season of the series and if you are one of them then unfortunately we don’t have any updates on the matter.

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It is because the showrunner has not included the series and there is no trailer for you to watch. However, if by any chance you have missed the official trailer of last season, then here is the official trailer.

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Where to Watch the Show?

If you want to watch the series, it is exclusively available on Netflix to watch. Fans can watch the show by taking a subscription to the platform which will allow them to stream this show.

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What are the Ratings of the Show?

In this section of the article, we will be going to read about the ratings of the series which it has received by the audience and critics. So if you’re interested to learn about it, then here are the details of it.

IMDB Ratings: 7.9/10

Rotten Tomatoes: 95%


Being a popular series on Netflix, the show makers have still not renewed the series. It’s been such a long time since the show was released on Netflix, and if the series was destined to happen, it would have been released by now. With the first season’s conclusion, everyone started to wonder about the series and its possible season 2.

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