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Taboo Season 2:Cancelled Or Renewed Season? Will Tom Hardy Come Back, Everything We Know So Far

All the Tom Hardy fans can breathe a sigh of relief! The actor is coming back for another season of Taboo. After much speculation and many rumors, the BBC show is finally coming back, and we cannot wait for it! Here is everything we know about Taboo season 2.


Well, the series is set in 1814. And it revolves around stolen diamonds by the protagonist.

Hence Taboo is based on the dark side of London during the nineteenth century. Therefore it is really appealing for the audience. Because shows set in old backdrops are quite liked by the audience.

So the Season 2 of this series is highly anticipated.

Taboo Season 2 Renewal

Believe it or not, Taboo was renewed for a second season way back 2017. Yes! We kid you not, the producer Steven Knight also confirms it in an interview. Along with the excellent news, Knight even promises are fulfilling season 2. Therefore, all of us can rest now that we know Tom Hardy is coming back.


Knight also confirms that the show was initially planned for 3 seasons, and it will be that way. So, even if the seasons are slow to come out, we can expect a season 3 in the future too.

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Taboo Season 2 Plot

Steven Knight gives away a lot of little details when talking about Season 2 of Taboo. We know at the end of season 1 that James and his allies are sailing to America. Knight says that now that the characters are heading west, the show will get more narcotic, more opium-based. Now isn’t that something we all will like to see?

Knight also says that he has some explosive stuff in his mind for the next season. However, he does refrain from giving too much away. Tom Hardy also gives away curious hints about season 2. He drops a subtle clue that season 2 will deal with the American spy network ‘Colonnade’.


Therefore, we know a lot of crazy stuff will down in this 19th century period drama in season 2.

Season 2 Cast

Tom Hardy is returning for the second season as Knight and Hardy both confirm in interviews. The rest of the characters are yet to receive confirmation. However, we can expect a lot of them to come back.

Some major players that may come back are Lorna Bow, Stephen Graham, Mark Gatiss, David Hayman, Jason Watkins, Edward Hogg, and Nicholas Woodeson.

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Season 2 Release Date

Well, now that we know that season 2 was always planned to come. Why hasn’t it come yet? Well, the reason is that the directors and Tom Hardy are busy with numerous other projects. While Kight is busy with Peaky Blinders, Hardy is also working on Venom 2, A Christmas Carol, and so on.

However, now that the shooting is probably gooing to push back more because of the COVID-19 pandemic, the second season might not come this year either. We may only see Taboo Season 2 sometime in late 2020 if we are lucky or otherwise in 2021.

Taboo Season 2 Trailer

Well, we don’t have it. The taboo season 2 trailer is expected to release one month prior to the official release date of Season 2 airing. in the meanwhile, if you haven’t yet watched Taboo season 1, do check its trailer from below. You’ll find it quite interesting:

Taboo Season 3 & Future?

In the Taboo tv series, the only thing that’s confirmed is we’ll be getting at least 3 seasons of the show. Steven Knight, the writer of Taboo has a pretty clear idea of a three-act structure in his head.

In fact, during a conversation with Collider, Knight revealed “The first was ‘the escape’, the second will be ‘the journey’, and the third will be ‘the arrival’, and that’ll be it,”

Here’s exactly what he said, “If we all stick with it and we all want to keep doing it, it would be three seasons. That’s my plan. Because I’ve got a geographical sort of route for the thing to take. It’s basically a journey west. I have a destination in mind. Which is always nice to have if you’re setting off on this big journey, which is what writing three eight-hours is. It’s good to know where you’re headed.”

As for the main cast is concerned, everything is dependent on Hardy. As of now, he’s also filming for Venom 2. Now, it all comes down to what Tom wants to do and when he wants to do it. When he’s available to start the shooting.


Final Words

However, the director, producers, and Tom Hardy himself are very passionate about the show and are trying their best to get back on as soon as possible. Take a deep breath; Tom Hardy will return.

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