Taboo Season 2: Tom Hardy Announced The Second Season!



Tom Hardy’s epic series, Taboo made its way to the screen in 2017 and fans were amazed to see the series for the first time. The concept and storyline of the series marked great success among the audience, bringing a lot of joy to the people. BBC has officially confirmed that there will be another season. Taboo is a classical series that garnered massive popularity among the audience. After the first season concluded, the fans started to wonder about the second season. 

When Taboo was released on Netflix, fans started to grow impatient regarding the possible season 2. It’s been five years since the show released its first season. So, will there be Taboo Season 2?

The series launched on Netflix and topped the chart within a few days. With the insane popularity, fans have been waiting for more than five years for the series to return. In this article, we’ll be going to read everything about Taboo Season 2. If you are interested to learn about it then continue reading the article till the end.

Taboo Season 2: Will There be Another Season?

taboo season 2 Created by Hardy, Taboo is one of the greatest series that has ever been released. After the release of the first seasons, fans were convinced that the series will be moving further and not stopping anytime near. Obviously, with the ending of the series leaving everything on a cliffhanger, there were a lot of questions about the renewal. 

It’s been almost 5 years and the series has still not made it to the screen. However, while many people are waiting for Taboo to get released, some of them are still wondering whether Taboo Season 2 is still on the plan or not. They want to learn whether there will be Taboo Season 2 or not. 

For your Information, Taboo Season 2 was already confirmed after the release of the first season, The showrunners announced the renewal of the series back in 2018. It’s been 4 years ever since the statement was made but sadly, the show has not moved further on the release date. 

We already know that after the announcement was made public, the global pandemic has already impacted people. With the majority of shows and series shutting down, it was nearly impossible to work on such a period and develop a play. 

taboo season 2

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With everything getting back to normal and almost every single series getting back to production, can we see Taboo Season 2? Yes! Taboo Season 2 has been officially back with the filming and the show has been moved forward with production details. 

Hardy has confirmed in an interview about the second season, He said,  “took a lot of thinking because I enjoyed the first one and I want to be fulfilled by the second one.”

“We’re still playing with ideas: you could go linear, a continuation of time, or we could drop before London, or we could quantum-leap through time!” he explained. “I don’t know whether to go orthodox – there’s a series of that already written – but I don’t know if that’s the right way to go.”

Taboo Season 2 Release Date: When is it going to Release?

taboo season 2

As the show is officially confirmed and the showrunners have already had some updates regarding the second season, fans are already wondering about the release date. Thankfully, Hardy has already remarked in an interview that they are planning to release the show in “early 2023”. 

Although, there is no official confirmation confirming the exact release date for the series we are confident that the series will be heading to release in 2023. Since it’s been such a long time ever since fans encountered the show for the first time, the official is already working hard and making it more prominent for the fans. 

Moreover, the popularity of Taboo was immense which won’t stop the series from moving forward. Steven Knight has confirmed by saying, “James Delaney will continue to explore many realities as he takes his band of misfits to a new world, thanks to FX and the BBC, partners who could not be more suited to collaborating in groundbreaking work,”

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taboo season 2

Along with this, Ridley Scott, Executive producer said, “We’re thrilled people want to know what happens next and that the BBC and FX are up for more adventures with the devil Delaney and the league of the damned.”

Charlotte Moore, The director of BBC has announced the second season. He said, “Launching in a new Saturday night slot on BBC One provided us with an opportunity to take risks and showcase distinctive drama; and the growing talkability of Taboo has engaged younger audiences seeing record numbers coming to iPlayer, with the availability of the box set maximizing audiences even further,” she said.

“A second series can’t come soon enough.”

In a chit-chat with Radiotimes, he said, “Their decision to put something like Taboo, which is pretty on the edge, on a Saturday night on BBC One was mad.

“But it was inspired too because it worked. It got people talking, and it sort of created that slot. It was a trailblazer for that Saturday-night drama.”

What does the Official Say? 

taboo season 2

Tom Hardy has revealed in an interview, “In my head, I was thinking, ‘Let’s say they get to America, they get to Canada, fast-forward to 1968, the Tet Offensive, the Vietnam War, look at the CIA, the Viet Cong, the French in Saigon…. Take the Delaney family tree out in the jungle, and recreate the same family dynamics that were happening in London but with new people, thinking about how history and corruption repeat themselves.

“It’s still Taboo, it’s still period, but it’s the Sixties. There’s something fun about that. Or do we go back to the 1800s? The Napoleonic Wars? The American War of Independence? But nothing’s crossed my heart and mind and desk where I’ve gone ‘That’s it!’ so I’m hanging fire.”

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Moreover, they revealed, “I imagine that it will start production towards the end of next year. [Tom and I] are both keen to continue and there are lots of people who want us to continue in that direction. It’s been a question of schedules and deciding where it goes next.”

Eric Schrier, president of FX Entertainment, “FX is honored to begin the next chapter of collaboration with Steven Knight, Ridley Scott, Tom Hardy and their teams as they reunite for this modern adaption of Charles Dickens’s Great Expectations,”

Moreover, “[Great Expectations is] the perfect choice given its timely and personal narrative. [Knight’s] original take on one of Britain’s most loved classics will make it a must-see drama for a whole new generation.”

Is there any official trailer to watch?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for taboo season 2. It’s been such a long time and friends are still waiting for the series to release.  However, the official seemed more interested in their upcoming projects and that’s why they are missing the details for the show. 

Despite the humongous popularity that taboo has, the show has not released any kind of trailer. Neither there is an official trailer nor an official teaser for you to watch. But the fans have confirmed that the series will be coming back, sooner or later. If there will be any official trailer in the future, we’ll make sure to let you know.

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