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Taboo Season 2: Release Date, Cast Details, Plot And Expectations


David Mudd

Taboo is a BBC drama series which has completed just a season so far. The show is intriguing as it tries to decipher a suspicious death. The best part of the show is how it explores emotional ties and bonds.

If you are a fan, then you would be stoked to know that the series is going to come back with a second season very soon. Here are all the details you need to know about the next season!

Release Date (Taboo)

The first season of the show aired on BBC One in 2017. It consisted of eight episodes in total. The second season is still in the making. There are parts of the season which have to be completed before the production work commences.


But since all the production houses are working from home at the moment due to the pandemic, it is unlikely that the show will be out this year. It is speculated that the show will release in 2021.

The Cast

Tom Hardy is a heart-throb, and we are hoping to see him in the role of the protagonist, James once again. The list of the rest of the cast members is going to be released soon. Keep looking out for more updates on our website.

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Plot (Taboo)

The second season is going to have a lot of plot twists, and it will not be a smooth ride for anyone. The group comprising of James, Lorna, Atticus, Michael and their associates has a traitor!

We are assuming that the upcoming season will shed more light on this aspect and solve the mystery of the traitor. It will be intriguing to know who is it and what is in fate for him.

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The Trailer

The trailer for the upcoming season is not yet released. Watch the trailer for the first season by clicking on the link mentioned below:

Taboo: Trailer – BBC One

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