System Shock Remake: The Remake To Bring Blade Runner Back, Updates And News


David Mudd

System Shock Remake is to be released soon with lots of updates and news. Read ahead to know more.

The Game

System Shock Remake is an action role-playing game. The game is developed by Night Dive Studios, a US-based game developer. It is the remake of the 1994 video game. System Shock Remake will be released next month, in April 2020.

The game will be available on platforms such as Playstation 4, Microsoft Windows, macOS, Linux, and Xbox One. System Shock Remake game is written by Chris Avellone. The game uses Unreal Engine 4.


Players will play as a nameless character. He will only be known as The Hacker. You will be alone on an abandoned spaceship called Citadel. The spaceship is owned by TriOptium Corporation.

A rouge called Shodan has taken control. The players have to find out what went wrong and correct it. But the road to find the reality on the spaceship won’t be easy as players will encounter various scenarios in the spaceship.

The players will have to deal with and dodge cyborgs, mutants, security robots before reaching a special area called Cyberspace. Here the players will have a one on one battle with Shodan.

Bringing The Blade Runner Back And Other Updates

System Shock Remake developers NightDive Studios are bringing the classic video game, Westwood’s Blade Runner back. Developers are going to introduce a lot of additions to the new game.

Gameplay, animation and character models are being updated. NightDive Studios are using KEX to upgrade the graphics and improve the gaming experience for all of its gamers. The enhanced edition of the game will be remastered and not remade.

The new edition will offer a widescreen resolution, controller customization and keyboard customization. Blade Runner Enhanced Edition will be available on Playstation 4, Windows System, and Xbox One.

The game will be launched in the latter half of this year with the official date yet to be announced by the NightDive Studios. In the meantime, players can live the nostalgia of playing the original Blade Runner game which released back in 1997. All you need is a Windows System with the latest software to download the game.