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Sword Art Online Progressive: Movie presents Kirito As A Flawed Protagonist!

Sword Art Online Progressive: Scherzo of a Dark had its release date announced. The Sequel will be hitting the theaters this October in Japan with an international date yet to be decided.

Sword Art Online or SAO as fans like to call it has been around for a decade. This has become a franchise now. There are dozens of light novels, their spin-offs, mangas, animes, and movies. SAO gave rebirth to the isekai genre in popularity.

Following its success, dozens of cheap imitations were rushed into production to cash out on the isekai hype. As a result, none saw such success as SAO. They didn’t last for long. SAO is still wheeling.

A Simple Guide to Sword Art Online Anime

Sword Art Online has a number of seasons that can confuse a newcomer. Here is the order in which Sword Art Online can be seen without missing out on any of the fun.

  • Sword Art Online

The first and my favorite season of SAO. This is where it all begins. This is where I fell in love with SAO and the Isekai genre as a whole. Sword Art Online is the new sensation in the world of Virtual Reality Massively Multiplayer Role Playing Games aka VRMMORPGs.

Sword Art Online Progressive

When the games are released and the players immerse themselves in this new exciting world the creator of the games announces that anyone that dies in the game dies in the real world as well. Spooky! Who would like to play a game like that? Our hero of the series, Kirito teams up with the other players of the SAO to survive this game death and find a way to get out of here alive.

  • Sword Art Online II

The second season of the anime brings our hero Kirito back into action with a bang. As this post is intended for newcomers to the series, we won’t be talking about the plot premise of the season as this acts as a spoiler for the first season. But be ready for the top action sequences, emotional scenes, and satisfying plot twists.

  • Sword Art Online: Ordinal Scale

The Ordinal Scale is set between the events of the second and the third season. It is an official part of the series having been written by Reki Kawahara himself, the author of the novels.

  • Sword Art Online: Alicization

The third season starts with a whole lot of different spin on the story. Kirito finds himself in an unknown place without any of his memories. A classic trick in the old art of storytelling for creating sequels. Then there is a new big bad guy after him. The Bourne Identity mode of the anime kicks off in the place and a thrill ride for the fans begins.

  • Sword Art Online: Alicization- War of Underworld

The fourth season of the anime and a direct continuation of the previous season. Stakes get higher and bolder. I will not spoil the fun for you. The summary should be kept in tight wraps for the sake of newcomers.

Progressive presents Kirito As A Flawed Protagonist

Starry of the Night Sky offered us a unique perspective from the eyes of the Asuna. In the main light novels and the anime, we saw Kritio as a likable but bland protagonist. The world of Aincrad was not fully explored in the original volumes of the novels.

Sword Art Online Progressive

The relationship between Kirito and Asuna was never delved deeper into. Kawahara felt that it would be fun for him and the fans alike to visit the world of Aincrad once more. He wrote the spin-off series SAO- Progressive. There are eight novels in this series so far, seven of which have been translated into English.

The novel which was adapted into the previous movie showed the events on the 5th floor of Aincrad. While the mainline series are mostly from the point of view of Kirito, in this spin-off we get POVs of both of the characters.

Through Asuna, we see for the first time the flaws in the character of Kirito that were overlooked previously. This gives a whole new dynamic element to the relationship between the two characters.

With more of the backstory getting explored and the world of the Aincrad getting richer with every new chapter the fans of the series are falling in love all over again.

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