Survivor 44 Power Rankings for Week 3, Who Could Be the Next to Leave?


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Survivor is a popular American reality TV show in which contestants are marooned in a remote location and must compete in challenges and vote each other out until one person remains and is declared the winner. The show is typically set in a tropical location and features a diverse group of contestants who must work together to survive in the wilderness, build their own shelters, and hunt for food.

Each season of Survivor features a different group of contestants, or “castaways,” who are divided into two or more tribes. The tribes compete against each other in challenges, such as obstacle courses or puzzles, with the winning tribe receiving immunity from elimination and the losing tribe being forced to vote someone out.

As the game progresses, the tribes merge into one and the remaining contestants compete individually. In the end, the last remaining castaway is declared the winner and receives a cash prize.

Survivor has been on the air since 2000 and has aired over 40 seasons. The show is known for its drama, strategy, and social dynamics, and has become a cultural phenomenon with a dedicated fan base.

Survivor 44 Power Rankings for Week 3

After three episodes of “Survivor 44,” 14 castaways are still alive in the 26-day quest for a million dollars and the title of “Sole Survivor.” By now, all three of the original tribes (Ratu in orange, Soka in green, and Tika in purple) have gone to Tribal Council once, giving us a good idea of who is aligned with whom and who has the idols and power.

At Tika, Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho is firmly entrenched at the helm of a tribe desperately attempting to maintain its numbers. Can Yam Yam keep the small tribe together long enough to avoid a numerical disadvantage in the merger?

Let’s see how the tribe ranks in our first power rankings of the season. Check out the Ratu and Soka tribe rankings as well.

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Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho

Yamil “Yam Yam” Arocho is firmly entrenched at the helm of Tika, where the tribe is desperately trying to maintain its numbers. Can Yam Yam keep the small tribe together long enough to avoid being outnumbered in the merger? Let’s see where the tribe ranks in our season’s first power rankings. Also, take a look at the Ratu and Soka tribe rankings.

Survivor 44 Power Rankings for Week 3

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Aside from her connection to Yam Yam, Carolyn wields considerable power due to the Birdcage Idol she possesses, which no one suspects she possesses. As far as we know, she hasn’t told Yam Yam about it, which allows Carolyn to use it as a trust-building tool with someone from another tribe at the merge.


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She’ll have to be careful how and when Yam Yam learns about it because she doesn’t want to lose his trust, but given how well the two seem to get along, that shouldn’t be a problem.

If Carolyn makes it to the merge, which we believe she will, she is unlikely to be an early target in the same way that large personality winners Mike Gabler and Maryanne Oketch were. Maybe she should be?!

Garrett, Carson

Carson was in the swing position in the Helen vote, but due to Sarah’s loss, he had to go in the direction that Yam Yam and Carolyn were going. This gave them the upper hand and put him one step behind as a pawn in their move.

Carson’s pawn position is likely to be short-lived if he manages to merge. He’s already proven to be a thoughtful strategist, having prepared for many of the challenges at home and being acutely aware of what personal information to keep hidden.

While he has the potential to be dangerous in the larger web of a larger tribe, he is also the type of player who can easily tip the scales into overplaying. As a result, he’ll have to be cautious of his movements.

Wade, Sarah

As things stand, Sarah is hoping that Tika will avoid returning to Tribal Council entirely. Even though she possesses the new Inheritance Advantage, it would be ineffective at a Tribal Council where no one else feels threatened enough to play anything. It would be interesting to see how the new advantage plays out on a larger tribe, so we’re hoping Tika can continue to compete at a high level in the upcoming challenges.

Massa, Danny

While we believe Danny and Heidi are leading the Soka tribe together, Danny has the upper hand due to the “power” he possesses. Danny is the most capable of all three tribes in finding and claiming the Birdcage Idol, then successfully planting the fake idol without anyone else knowing.

Survivor 44 Power Rankings for Week 3

Danny is currently playing the best stealth game, reminding us of two-time winner Tony Vlachos. While his tribe is content to sit back and relax, Danny is working hard to find and claim power, then thinking two steps ahead of everyone else in setting them (well, Matt) up for epic failure.

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Who Could Be the Next to Leave?

Kane Fritzler, position 13, This season, Kane has had trouble building momentum, and this week, the editors decided to give him a more comic cut. Even if prominent characters have made headlines in recent seasons, I still don’t think Kane should be encouraged by that. At Ratu, he simply doesn’t have a lot going on for him, and it’s difficult to imagine that changing anytime soon.

What Do We Know So Far About Survivor 44?

The 44th season of “Survivor” premiered on CBS on March 1, 2023, and featured 18 all-new castaways from various backgrounds and walks of life. Because this episode was filmed in Summer 2022, none of the contestants had the opportunity to see how the twists and turns of “Survivor 43” played out on television.

Over the course of 26 days in Fiji, host Jeff Probst will extinguish every torch until only one person remains as the Sole Survivor and wins $1 million.

Will your favourite players be able to make it to the end thanks to the various advantages, immunity idols, or Shots in the Dark? You’ve come to the right place if you’re looking for “Survivor 44” spoilers on the boot list (so far) and eliminations in order.

When Will the Season Finale of Survivor 44 Air?

The finale date for Survivor 44 has yet to be announced. However, if it follows the same schedule as previous seasons, it should take place sometime between mid and late May. Watch out the trailer of the show below.

On Survivor 44, What Happened to Bruce?

The premiere of Survivor 44 featured a record number of injuries and medical visits. The most serious incident occurred when Bruce Perrault suffered a concussion during the first challenge. Bruce initially collapsed to his knees during the challenge, but recovered quickly enough to finish the day.

However, a fear of a possible brain bleed forced medical to remove Bruce from the game for testing and treatment after a reassessment at night.

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