Surviving The Game as a Barbarian 24 Release Date, Raw Scans, Spoilers, Recap, and Where to Read!


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“Surviving The Game as a Barbarian,” one of the most widely anticipated manga series, is getting a new chapter. Jung Yun Kang wrote and drew this manga series. This manga series has great popularity in Korea and attracts fans from all around the world.

Hansoo Lee had been playing “Dungeon and Stone” for nine years when he finally reached the boss stage, which had never been completed previously. When he arrived at the boss area, he was informed that he had completed the tutorial and was now in control of a playable character named Bjorn Jandel, a barbarian.

We’ve covered every detail about the next chapter’s publication date, raw scans, spoilers, recap, and where to read in our blog post. Continue reading our article and checking back for future manga updates to gain all of this information about the chapter.

Surviving The Game as a Barbarian 24 Release Date

You’re all wondering when the next chapter will be out. That is why we are here to inform you of everything. The next installment of “Surviving The Game as a Barbarian” will be released on August 10, 2023. It is released at different times in different time zones; the International Schedule for the future chapter is as follows:

Time Zone Date Time
Singapore Standard Time August 10, 2023 11:00 PM
Philippines Standard Tie August 10, 2023 11:00 PM
Pacific Time August 10, 2023 7:00 AM
Indian Standard Time August 10, 2023 8:30 PM
Greenwich Time August 10, 2023 5:00 PM
Eastern Time August 10, 2023 10:00 AM
Central Time August 10, 2023 9:00 AM

Surviving The Game as a Barbarian 24 Raw Scans

The final chapter of “Surviving the Game as a Barbarian” had readers on the edge of their seats because it was unanticipated by everyone, thus fans want to know what happens next, which is why they requested the raw scans.

However, because raw scans have not yet been released, we are unable to furnish you with any raw scans. Raw scans are usually provided 3-4 days before the official chapter; to acquire the raw scans of the next chapter, stay tuned and keep checking with us.

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Surviving The Game as a Barbarian 24 Spoilers

Here are some spoilers for the next chapter, Ainar and his companions Bjorn and Ainar were out hunting death fiends in the early game. Despite the fact that they were down to their final mana stone, they were determined to spend the day hunting and hauling in over 20,000 rocks.

They had to face death fiends in pairs due to the active talent ‘call of the dead’ summoning ghouls, which created a tremendous challenge. The passive skill of preserving their flesh was adequate to restore their health and speed up their regeneration pace.

They started the second day with two death fiends at once and kept looking for them. All of their techniques had been practiced on the first day of the search. However, trios began to arise from time to time,

Surviving The Game as a Barbarian chapter 24 release date

and their frequency grew with time. Views of the death fiends’ domain were scarce at first, but as the day begins, groups of three appeared on occasion.

Surviving The Game as a Barbarian 23 Recap

In the previous chapter we saw, Ainar runs nonstop for three days using a magical torch and a mana stone. The Deadlands are packed with adversaries ranging from aged ghouls to skeletons, banshees, and dullahans, which are mid-level monsters. Monsters in the Deadlands are more powerful than those in the Goblin Forest in battle. Because of the low light levels and the lack of evident traps, the Goblin Forest is more difficult.

Ainar and Bjorn come into a bunch of skeletons and take their swords to them. An older ghoul twice the size of an ordinary ghoul, as well as mutant skeleton soldiers and archers, are among the new opponents they face. Bjorn fought fewer and weaker opponents on day one, while his fighting prowess rose substantially. Attacking from a distance with his 70-centimeter mace was both safer and more effective.

Where to Read Surviving The Game as a Barbarian 24

Webtoon is a website where people may read the manga series “Surviving the Game As a Barbarian.” Webtoon is a simple-to-use website that is simple to control and use. On this website, you may find more interesting manga and novels.

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“Surviving The Game as a Barbarian,” a widely anticipated manga series by Jung Yun Kang, is garnering worldwide traction. The next chapter will be released on August 10, 2023, with exciting spoilers revealed. Fans are eagerly expecting raw scans and can read the manga on the Webtoon website.

Global interest in the series is growing. Follow or bookmark trending news buzz for more manga updates.