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Survive The Night: Bruce Willis And Chad Michael Murray In The New Trailer Of The Film


David Mudd

A new movie is on the horizon, and the trailer just came out. Bruce Willis and Chad Michael Murray are coming on for a thrilling action thriller movie, and we can not wait for it. Here is everything you need to know about Survive The Night.

The Plot Of Survive The Night

The movie is a production under Emmet Furla Oasis Films. It is a low budget film. One of the main intriguing points of the film is that it shows a family trying to survive a night under the watch of two criminals.

The plot of the film follows Jamie, whose brother gets severely wounded during a robbery. To save his life, Jamie stalks a trauma doctor all the way to his home. Jamie then holds the doctor’s wife and child as hostages. He then forces the doctor to operate on his brother and save him.

Survive The Night

The doctor, Rich, in an attempt to save his family and himself, teams up with his father. The film is a thrilling one. The trailer promises lots of heart-bursting moments. We can also expect a few plot twists.

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The Cast Of Survive The Night

The cast of the film includes Bruce Willis as Rich’s father and Chad Michael Murray as Rich. Bruce Willis is famous for the Die Hard series, The Fifth Element and many other movies. Chad Michael Murray is renowned for his role in One Tree Hill. Tyler Jon Olson and Shea Buckner will also star in the film. The video will also feature Jessica Abrams and Lydia Hull.

The film is written by Doug Wolfe. The director of the film is Iranian American director Matt Eskandari.

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The Trailer

Survive The Night

The trailer of Survive The Night features almost all the members of the cast. Although the movie seems thrilling and exciting, the trailer does not give the same vibe as Bruce Willis’ other movies. Nevertheless, we are looking forward to experiencing Survive The Night and see how the drama unfolds.

Survive The Night will release in select theatres and Video On Demand on May 22, 20202. Here is the trailer for Survive The Night.

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