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Survive: Quibi Releases New Trailer Showing Sophie Turner In An Intense Situation


David Mudd

It was not too long when we saw the first trailer of Quibi’s new show, Survive. Game of Thrones star, Sophie Turner is in the lead role and looks impressive. This show is dangerous, thrilling and for sure exciting. The show will make the fans come on the edge of their seats at some of the scenes. We know that it is too soon to say anything, the show has not even released yet. But, the new trailer released by Quibi showed us some intense scenes. 

What More We Can Expect From The Survive?

You know, many things are essential for survival and reliable will power. This show will have some hazardous scenes in which we will see Sophie and some other actors surviving a plane crash. Most of the parts of the show are in a snow location. The conditions in which they shot looks painful, and that is the thing that makes us excited for this one.


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More Shows Of This Genre Are Needed:

There are not many shows in this genre. The world needs many such shows that are from this genre. Quibi will surely leave a strong impact and will stay in the mind of viewers with this Survive show. 

Sophie Turner, who was there in Game of Thrones, will again play a substantial role in Survive show. Her plane crashes, and along with some fellow passengers, she has to survive and get back to her home.

The setting looks like the plane is coming from a place where people are who have some mental anxiety or other problems are staying for some therapy. The Survive trailer has got fantastic reviews, and they still have an ample amount of time left for promotions.

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Coronavirus Breakout And Now The Lockdown Will Help The Producers In Marketing:


Everyone is inside their homes, and they have internet and smartphones. The makers of Survive have so many weeks to promote the show. Digital marketing will be the best option; television or print will not work as much as digital marketing. 

This time is making us wonder and analyse so many things. Some producers are scared, and some are happy, some will have to face losses, and some can now market their shows more effectively.