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Super Smash Bros Ultimate: The Reveal For The Fighter DLC Delayed

Corona became an enemy to one more thing like many other events. Now it made things sad for the fans of Super Smash Bros. The second Fighter Pass for Super Smash Bros has always been a mystery. But the current situation let us know that the geeks need to wait for more to get a glance at features of  Fighters Pass Volume 2.

Super Smash Bros

In fighters pass volume one, it had five DLC characters in it. Besides that, in the new Fighters Pass, Vol 2 will have 6 DLC characters. But no one knows much about those characters till now. From the details leaked by a Japanese Magazine shows that the work on the first character itself got delayed.

Info About The Release

They were already planned to release the new DLC in late 2021. But if the coronavirus hits the studio employees. It will increase the latency for the release. The most recent DLC character in Super Smash Bros was Byleth. That character was from Fire Emblem: Three Houses.

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The characters in the next DLC will be the last characters added in Super Smash Bros Ultimate. Nintendo had a habit of announcing DLC characters early. the recent case in that is the Multiplayer pack of Luigi's Mansion 3.

More Details Super Smash Bros

Super Smash Bros

Director Masahiro Sakurai himself told in the Famitsu magazine that he was going to make a presentation about the DLC to Nintendo. But everything got delayed including the DLC development works. Sakurai also added that the Nintendo may announce the character anyway even if the production not started.

Sakurai himself got in many health problems recently because of overtime works. Recently he got passed out in a gym's bathroom. Now he always appears in work with an IV drip on his hand. He also added that, if anyone shows symptoms of the virus. the whole production and development work will be stopped.

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