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Super Mario 64: A Fan-Made PC Port Has Been Released


David Mudd

There is a piece of amazing news for all the gamers out there. Super Mario 64 has released a fan-made PC port. And no one can keep calm. Super Mario 64 has been continuing for quite some time now, and till all the time the game has maintained to keep its momentum going.

Nintendo is trying new things with it to amaze the players. And there is so much more. Amongst this, the latest release has pleased the fans to no bounds. So when a fan-created the opening of the game in a new way, the makers obliged.

With this new PC Port, the game has regained all its fame. And people are once again starting to come up with new ideas to make the best of it.

Super Mario 64

What Has Happened?

With the Super Mario 64 attending to the fans’ demands, another fan stood up. He has created a PC Port for the game. And this has added a whole new dimension to the game. This port is unlike others, it doesn’t work as an emulator.

However, it is powered by DirectX 12. You can now run the game at a higher resolution, even 4k. And that is the best part. Those on Xbox One can also use this.

You can use Reshade to apply upgraded textures. Reshade is another third party application that can come to your rescue for this. This way you can make the most of this.

What About The Game? (Super Mario 64)

Super Mario 64 has not failed to impress since the first day that it has hit the screens. The game holds an amazing value with it. And fans couldn’t ask for more. Ever since the two decades that the game is withstanding are going on, no one can have enough of this game.

This sure brings a lot of people together since the game holds a lot of memories intact. So the decision of keeping it on with new updates is the best made. People have bought Nintendo Switch just to make the most of this game.

The nostalgia hit associated with the game is huge and therefore, this is the game that everyone gets together with.

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More About It

The game is driven by the logics of the 90s and brings people back to their roots. With this new port, it makes the game available on the PC. And with this, everyone comes back at square one. Because this is how everything started.

And this is how this industry revolved. With new quests in the game, people strive to run faster and win. Alternate to the modern RPGs, this is a game that unites people.

And since it was the first 3D game, it still has the power to get people laughing and spending quality time.