Summering Review: A Movie To Make You Feel Nostalgic!



Childhood has always left an eternal pleasant effect on our minds and we have always appreciated the good old times which we spent with our friends. However, as time passes by, we come to realize that we are not in the same zone and adolescence has taken over our life. The recently released Summering tells the story based on the same theme but much darker. As the group of four best friends enjoyed their life to the fullest, their life turned upside down after finding a dead body in the woods.

Released in 2022, the one-hour and twenty-seven movie will completely feel, unlike your childhood. As the name reads Summering, the movie doesn’t follow its title blindly, instead has some dark and uncovered truth to show.

James Ponsoldt’s incredible mind is a common theme for the audience but has twisted in his way. Many of the viewers might not find his work common but he has something in his time and if you don’t believe it, you can ask your parents.

Personally, this coming-of-age drama feels like a fresh nostalgic feeling to me. It inspires me to remember the time and also gives me a  bittersweet feeling.  

Without extending much, let’s read everything about this movie and see what it is all about.

Summering Release Date: When it is expected to release?

The days are near! Thankfully the officials have scheduled a specific date for the release of the movie. Summering is officially announced to release on August 12, 2022. 

Along with this, the movie will be released in the theater. If you are wondering about the streaming platform’s release then we don’t have any specific dates for it. Once the movie is released in the theater we will find out about its release on the other OTT platform. Its been seen that within a month or two, the movie will be going to announce its specific OTT platform. 


Summering Plot: What it is About? 

Written, directed, and produced by James Ponsoldt, Summering is an American drama film that is going to release super soon. Starring  Lia Barnett, Lake Bell, Sarah Cooper, Ashley Madekwe, Madalen Mills, Megan Mullaly, Eden Grace Redfield, and Sanai Victoria as the main lead, the film is a coming-of-age drama.

The plot follows the four best friends who came by a dead body in the summer days. The story has many twists and turns and through the time we have watched it, there will be thousands of thoughts pondering in our minds. It is believed to make adults feel nostalgic about their childhood. 

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As for now, there is no official confirmation on the specific plot but there have been some teasers released by the filmmakers. We will get to know more details after a while. 

Summering Cast: Who is in it?

In the movie, you are going to meet some of the new faces for the first time. In this section, we’ll read about the characters that have appeared in the movie. If you are interested to know about them, take a closer look.

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  • Lia Barnett as Daisy
  • Madalen Mills as Dina
  • Eden Grace Redfield as Mari
  • Sanai Victoria as Lola
  • Megan Mullally as Stacie
  • Lake Bell as Laura
  • Ashley Madekwe as Joy
  • Sarah Cooper as Karna
  • Dale McKeel as Daisy’s Dad
  • Willow Corner-Bettwieser as Carol

Is it Worth Watching? 

The movie shows the bridge between childhood dreams and adult reality. It quickly tells the viewers how the time files instantly without us realizing it. Childhood has always been a pleasing memory in a person’s life. The movie has told the viewers the significance of it through visuals.

If you are someone who likes to watch some real, eye-opening film that gives you some pleasing memories. Despite so many things running around the internet regarding the movie, it is a typical Sundance-premiering indie film directed by James Ponsoldt. Unlike his other films, he has tried some different approaches and made them more unique to present to the audience. 

Ponsoldt has already shared her scary view regarding this movie. He already told the fans that he has made this movie for his daughter, and the people like her age. It is understandable for the director to make something like this no one has ever expected this from him. 

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He has put her imagination into this movie. But strangely, it won’t be possible for the kids to imagine in so much depth and I believe that they won’t be able to connect with it. 

Rather than that the adults have found their lost homes in this movie and which is very pure, it gives them a nostalgic feeling of what could have happened during their young age. 

The location of the movie and the title, itself scream Summer in it. This is very adequate to imagine how the kids have so much excitement for the summer in their life. Recalling my own little experience, summer holidays were always a matter of fun, excitement, and a lot of joy. They were the best times of the year when my friends and I used to laugh, play and hang out together. Watching the movie itself made me realize how time flies and how things have changed over time. But the memory is still there, alive, in the corner of my heart. It will forever play an important part in my life. Growing old with such things will make time more beautiful. 

Where is the Official Trailer to watch?

The official trailer for the upcoming movie has been officially released. The trailer shows some of the unseen things that will give you a different feeling. It would be easy to assume that the upcoming movie will be a coming-to-age drama but it is more than that. The movie has some mysterious and thriller plots which take the highlight after the first watch. 

If by any chance you have missed the trailer then here it is, watches the exclusive trailer for the upcoming movie and comments your thoughts. 

We will update the official trailer once it is released. Keep yourself engaged by reading more entertainment news and getting all the recent updates from our official website Trending News Buzz.