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Summer House Season 6: Episode 14 Details and Episode 15 Release Date!


David Mudd

This weekend, I binged Heartstopper, an endearing new Netflix series about two youngsters who attend an all-boys school and fall in love with one other.

Because it so wonderfully portrayed all of those deep teenage thoughts about whether or not you can hold someone’s hand, as well as the worry that making a move on your best friend may perhaps end in tragedy, it made me cry on several occasions.

Despite the fact that Carl and Lindsay are grown adults who are simply performing at prom, I had the same exact thoughts about them in this episode, and it made me want to curl up in a blanket of hugs and just roll about in warmth. It was by far the most enjoyable aspect of the programme.

Until we go to the prom, there isn’t much happening. All of the characters, dressed in beige knits, are attempting to calm Kyle down and bring him back to the table after he started freaking out on everyone at the end of the previous episode.

Instead, they agree to acquire some to-go bags and call it a night before heading back to their respective homes. That your buddies can’t even make it through a full meal and you have to go home and reheat the spaghetti you were looking forward to enjoying at a beautiful restaurant is quite embarrassing. In exchange for sitting on a wooden carousel pony in some random person’s front yard simply to get a few yuks, I will award my lovely Kyle (who is completely wrong in this fight) some brownie points.

The next morning, everyone plays Fuck, Marry, Kill with French toast, waffles, or pancakes as possibilities. Waffling waffles under fried chicken, marrying pancakes, and killing French toast is the only valid response. If you disagree, go read another recap at They head to the beach, where the boys play shirtless football, and I put the Sean Cody logo in the lower right corner for Twitter.

Carl and Lindsay are already joking that they’re going on a prom date. Lindsay even tells Carl she misses him when he’s gone. You can see it turning. You can see in her mind that this is the proper choice. She thinks she learned this summer to let go of a bad relationship sooner, but I think she also learned that the person who has always been around is the one for her. Lindsay’s biggest fear is desertion, not irrelevance.

That’s why Carl suits Lindsay. He knows she’s all in. He knows she demands it. He knows she’ll do insane things in a relationship, but he’s still there. He doesn’t mind activating her or feeding her. This is fantastic for them. He may be frightened of finger-banging her again because that is all everyone can speak about when they are mentioned.

Having Lindsay write Carl a note in colourful pens is the cutest thing we’ve ever seen Lindsay do. So she wraps her legs around a dude like she’s in Greenpeace and he’s a 1,000-year-old tree that a developer wants to chop down. Her lovely appearance is Adorable. It’s more pure and cheerful. I’m not sure if it’s prom-related, but the glee in her eyes when Carl replies (with a finger-bang joke) is palpable. The real Heartstopper vibes came when Lindsay tells Carl she can’t imagine her life without him and how nervous he makes her in his adorable outfit. I expected butterflies to fly around their heart-shaped eyes.

It’s a white dinner jacket with “Hampton’s Prom” sprayed on the back, like a novelty shirt bought from Snooki on the New Jersey boardwalk. He lost points for waiting until the last possible second to ask Ciara to be his date and for pronouncing boutonnière like it’s as French as the toast he ate that morning. Robert, Danielle’s BF, looks like an olde-time barber in a shirt, bow tie, and suspenders for his first prom. So I adore that Kyle removes his shirt to sport a collar and cuffs under a jacquard blazer. It’s like a bougainvillaea on his neck. It’s a Victorian ruff rather than a Chippendale collar.

For the females, I like Amanda’s shirtless tuxedo, but Lindsay wins for wearing her actual prom outfit, which still fits 20 years later. (I agree, Lindsay. We all despise you.) That moment when she said her prom was the same year Halle won her Oscar and she had to have that dress made me fall even more in love with her. It’s hard for me to see Maya’s coral rag dress and Ciara’s sofa-like garment. Zara and Jennifer’s Convertibles? The asymmetrical collars on Danielle’s daffodil dress and Luke’s GF’s black-and-gold dress puzzle me. At least Luke will make her sit by the fire later that night.

The tuxedo-shirt dickey with pants or that blue column dress with the nodule by her armpit? The second one she puts on when pillow baron Craig Conover surprises her. If he isn’t gaslighting the females in the house with some nonsense, Craig is attractive and pleasant.

The dresses are nice, but not much occurs at the party. Andrea gets screwed up, Carl and Lindsay rub their hands like it’s an old episode of Moonlighting, and Mya’s man shows up unprom-like. Prêt-à-porter, gravity bongs and A&F Fierce. Alex did some curls in the background. Remember Alex?

Amanda and Kyle fight about the prenup. That’s why I hate it when my fictitious lover Kyle J. Cooke is wrong. This is not going to end nicely. When Amanda refuses to discuss it, he tells her to Google it. According to Amanda, the prenup leaves her with nothing. No, not at all. Your lawyers will explain the prenuptial terms to you. It’s more puzzling that they don’t have lawyers than that they drink so much and yet have prominent stomach muscles. The sounds of Amanda and Kyle shouting at a party drift across the tip of Long Island for one last time, and nature knows that it has fully healed.

Summer House Season 6 Episode 14 and Episode 15 Release Date

Episode 14- April 25, 2022.

Episode 15 – May 2, 2022.

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