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Suicide Squad Changed Joker And Harley Quinn’s Relationship


David Mudd

Before its release, Suicide Squad underwent some major changes as a result of the film’s dour tone. Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice’s negative critical reception led to some major changes in the DCEU’s overall plan, The first of which included a reactionary approach to the film’s negative reception.

Because of course, the film’s issues were its dark tone. And definitely not the poor writing and overcrowded script from a director who prefers cinematic moments over scenes. In any case, the film received a substantial amount of changes before it hit theatres on August 5, 2016. And boy, did the film absolutely suck!

Worst Heroes Ever Indeed!

Amidst tonal inconsistencies and a myriad of other issues, the film was about as problematic as it would possibly get. In any case, the film has absolutely no ground to stand upon when it comes to depicting any relationship with tenderness over even a hint of proper coherence.

The Harley Quinn and Joker dynamic has been an abusive one for years; especially given how he tortures into becoming a slave for his own abusive needs. The film’s weird editing does nothing to make sense of it all; instead the film made Harley a tortured sex-slave with Stockholm Syndrome, desperate to get back with her abuser. It’s all sorts of cringeworthy of you ask me.

In any case, the reshoots clearly had a hand in this. I think Ayer intended for a more abusive dynamic which the studio, in all their empty-headed glory, decided to turn into a love story. Man, studio execs can be such utter morons!

And boy, did that decision receive backlash! All of Joker’s scenes seem to have been cut from the film as a result of toning down the abuse; instead making his appearance in the film more of a glorified cameo.

Not to mention the weird editing filters completely ruined the performance Jared Leto was aiming for.