Study with Pleasure: Some Good Life Hacks


Mohit Kamboj

We all know that college life can be a huge bummer sometimes. When you are in your first year, you are probably clueless about many things that have had your parents doing most of the work.

You are suddenly all alone and doing everything by yourself. School and classes can sometimes become overwhelming as well. Here is a list of life hacks that can help you out significantly in college and help make campus life enjoyable.

Use Snacks as a Study Incentive

This is a great way to amp up reading your coursework. It can be great for a student’s reflection on their work. You can do this when doing a recap of your lesson or doing it at the library. You need to buy many snacks and put one at the end of every chapter of what you are studying or researching.

Once you get to that chapter, you get to enjoy a little snack, then continue. The method will encourage you to consistently study with the promise of a reward at the end. This is one of the pros of studying with pleasure as you cover a lot more. This study incentive method isn’t just for books. You can use it when reading a storybook. It will be helpful if you are trying to get back into reading. If you’re having a hard time finding essay topics to research, the essay database on StudyHippo can be your go-to free resource. It’s a large collection of free essays written by highly qualified writers.

Ask a Friend to Ask You a Question in Class

Being known as the smart kid on the campus has a lot of advantages than you’d think. Once the lecturer realizes you are smart, they will engage you in class some more. This means that you will always be active and attentive in class, leaving no room for boredom in class.

The lecturer will also have your name in mind, and when grading tests and assignments, they will be keener on your paper. There will be very low chances of you failing that class. Here’s how you can be noticed as the smart kid in class. Ask your friend to direct a question to you in class when the lecturer opens the room to questions. They should ask you a question you are well versed in and will answer proficiently.

A good answer is likely to impress your lecturer, and they will notice you. They are likely to engage you more in the future.

Use Amazon to Rent Books

Books used in education can be extremely expensive. And when in college allowance buying a $150 book is not logical for a student. You will probably not use the book that often in the course, maybe just some assignments and research in school.

And when you’re done using it for academics and try to resell it, you won’t get profit, so what’s the point. Instead of buying a ridiculously expensive book to use for a short period, you can rent the books on Amazon at a lower price. This will save you a lot of money you can use at the university. All you need to do is ensure you send the book back before the due date, or you will have to incur additional charges. You can use StudyHippo on if you need help with essays or get essay samples. It is a trusted, free essay resource that offers outstanding quality.

Stack Your Clothes Vertically

If you are the kind of person who dreads opening your dorm wardrobe because your clothes will all come toppling on you, then this is the hack for you. You need to start arranging your clothes vertically after doing laundry. When you arrange them this way to save a lot of space, you can easily pick them out without disarranging the entire pile of clothes.

You will also easily access your clothes as they will all be visible. This arrangement style will save you a lot of time when looking for what to wear in the morning before attending class. If you are a neat person, you will appreciate this hack as you will no longer have a messy wardrobe. Your clothes will stop randomly falling on the floor because the last time you picked out a top, you messed up the entire closet.

Take Advantage of Student Discounts

Several places offer discounts to students. These are all places you can go to steam off after a hard paper or when you finally submit that dissertation. Places like cinemas, bowling alleys, ice-skating rinks, and restaurants have amazing student discounts.

You get to pay less than half the normal price with 60% discounts on activities and services. All you need to do is provide a school ID which they will validate then you get to enjoy your discount.

There are also discounts on apps that are student favorites, such as Spotify and Amazon. Spotify has a 50% discount for all students, and Amazon has great offers on products when you use the Amazon prime student. You need to take advantage of these discounts while you can so you can save the rest. These discounts make student life so much easier.


We enter college knowing so little and confused about a lot of things. With a lack of knowledge and a new environment, student life can be extremely hard, and we need all the college life hacks we can get. These hacks guarantee to make your life as a student much easier. These are all hacks that are either free or very affordable. We need all the affordable stuff we can get in university or college. The above are just a few of the many college hacks you could use while on campus.