Study Indicates That Yelling at Children May Be as Equally as Sexual or Physical Abuse!



In this exploration, I am talking about a groundbreaking study that is based on true facts and figures that demonstrate that yelling at children can be just as damaging as sexual or physical abuse. Let’s take a deep dive into highlighting the profound and lasting effects of harsh parenting practices on a child’s well-being.

The Shocking Findings of the Study

As you all know physical and sexual abuse of children, and emotional abuse, including verbal assaults, have risen to the peak at an alarming pace but now its is completely declined in view of the fact that this can have a negative impact on the physical as well as emotional well-being of any child.

Do not Yell at Children

A recent study which is conducted by a team of psychologists and child development experts on the basis of various surveys and interviews with both parents and their children over several years states that Yelling at kids can result in depression, anger, substance abuse, and physical problems such as obesity. Read, Study Finds that Consistent body Weight tied to Longevity in Women!

However, researchers in the U.S. and the UK have examined that through reviewing 166 earlier studies. They told me that those children who are always subjected to constant yelling are more likely to develop emotional and psychological issues including depression, anxiety, stress, lack of tranquility in their mind, and low self-esteem.

Later on, these scars can persist into adulthood and disrupt the overall physical as well as emotional and mental health of a particular person and the quality of their life. This can impair cognitive functions. Those children starting to develop negative coping mechanisms.

Not only this but it can also erode the parent-child bond which does not develop the feeling of mutual understanding and love and lead to strained relationships.  The results may seen in the future when children do not make healthy attachments because their ability to connect with anyone is interrupted to a large extent.

Alternative Approaches That Parents Should Consider

Through the advice given by the experts, effective communication can be achieved without yelling and verbal aggression. Here are some alternative approaches that parents should consider in order to avoid yelling and build a strong emotional relationship with their child.

Do not Yell at Children

Before proceeding further, take a look at a study that finds that shift Work Rigorously Increases the Risk of Depression and Anxiety

  • They can reward good behavior and positive efforts of their child.
  • Those parents who find it challenging to control their anger toward their child should be advised to go to therapists, counselors, or parenting classes.
  • Always remember to handle the situation in a calm manner
  • Have honest and open communication with children


To wrap up each and everything that I have experienced so far yelling at a child can be harmful as sexual or physical abuse. Always remember that no parent is perfect but recognizing the impact of our actions on our children’s well-being is the first step toward positive change.

Thank you for reading this insightful and valuable study. If you want to read more such types of recent upcoming studies which are conducted by experts and professionals only then stay in touch with Trending News Buzz.