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Student Life and Internet Service Providers


Hadley Bourn

One of the main concerns that many students have throughout their time as scholars or even day scholars is to manage their finances accordingly.

Student life nowadays, before the coronavirus outbreak at least, was completely engulfed in students trying their best to save money and always look for options that gave the greatest affordability.

Coming towards the main gist of the content, students need an internet service with not only high reliability but also great customer service. Spectrum Internet provides its customers with a 24/7 free Charter customer service.

This means that any Spectrum customer could get a quick response to any query regarding Spectrum services. You may be a Spectrum Internet, Spectrum Cable TV, or even a Spectrum Phone customer, as long as you know the Spectrum Customer Service helpline, Spectrum representatives will have your back.

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What Do Students Need The Most?

student life and internet service

Not a library card, if you know what I mean. Considering that the entire world is going through a life-threatening coronavirus pandemic, it makes complete sense for schools, colleges, and universities to be shut down for working for the time being.

That being said, since a student is primarily used to working in the university library and on campus in general, there seems to be little interest or weight placed on the shoulders of the household internet that a student may have or may subscribe to on normal days.

Since most of the students have been shifted to learning from home experience, we realize that the need of the moment for every student who considers him or herself to be financially weak or rather prefers to not have to spend a lot of money to get the right working or functioning internet service.

Such customers or consumers are looking for the perfect plan and package and we know what you probably might be thinking as of this moment.

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There is no such thing as having found or subscribed to a perfect plan or package and in normal circumstances, you would be right, however, internet service providers have gotten to know what the need of the hour is and what exactly do consumers or potential customers are looking for in the internet service provider market.

Internet Service Providers With Low-Cost Packages

student life and internet service

Spectrum Internet

Charter Spectrum is responsible for providing exceptionally good coaxial cable internet service to more than 40 states in the United States, yes we know, that is quite a lot.

However, the internet service provider comes in handy for all of those customers or consumers that would like to save some valuable money or are already short on money and would like nothing more than to just make ends meet.

The internet service provider, Spectrum Internet has an Internet Assist plan or program in place for its deserving customers or consumers. The plan or package is quite similar to the one that Xfinity Internet has in place and offers speeds that go all the way up to 30 Mbps and would inevitably cost a consumer or customer $14.99 a month for the first 1 year.

Quite possibly the best thing about the internet service provider is that it offers a no-contract policy and a no data cap policy or stipulation along with it that goes perfectly well for those consumers or customers that only need the internet plan temporarily.

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Optimum and Suddenlink Internet

student life and internet service

If you are wondering what is the deal with Optimum and Suddenlink internet service providers being mentioned together, then well, both the companies are run by none other than Altice and any consumer or customer that has a subscription to either of the two internet service providers can potentially sign up for the Altice Advantage Internet program.

The Altice Advantage Internet program that is destined for all students and low-income families brings to the table internet speeds that go all the way up to 30 Mbps and cost around $14.99 a month.

However, a customer or consumer must be applicable for the Altice Advantage Internet program and must be a subscriber or user of the two internet service providers that have been mentioned above i.e. Optimum and Suddenlink.

WOW! Internet

The Wide Open West is an internet service provider that has quite a limited availability. The internet service provider may be rather small in size as compared to the likes of Spectrum Internet but it does offer quite budget-friendly internet options for students and internet consumers alike.

Wrapping Things Up

A student needs to face some of the most daunting and toughest tasks are getting a good deal. When it comes to getting an internet plan that is not only sufficient for the working of the student but also for his or her extracurricular activities i.e. online gaming or high definition streaming.

A student needs a fast internet connection to conduct his or her research and likewise needs to look towards opportunities that not only facilitate that requirement of his or her but also do not burden the student’s pocket in terms of money.