Strongest Man in the World: 10 Most Powerful Men on Earth Ever Born!


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Over the entire course of time, mankind has been fixated on actual strength in terms of the Strongest Man in the World. Since the days when the legends of Hercules originally came to fruition, to the old Olympic Games where wrestling matches were utilized to decide the strongest man on the planet, we have for practically forever needed to name limited over all others.

As the hundreds of years wore on, the techniques for deciding the strongest man developed more complex, from the approach of Highland games to Olympic weightlifting.

  1. Zydrunas Savickas – Powerlifter, Strongman

Born: LITHUANIA, 1975

Level: 6’3″


As we would like to think, he’s the strongest man ever. You can’t contend with these numbers: Savickas has won the Arnold Strongman Classic multiple times (2003-08, 2014), which is viewed as a more genuine trial of unadulterated strength than the better-known WSM rivalry.

In 2005, he broke three world records in transit to triumph at the IFSA Strongman World Championship. The next year he again took top distinctions.

strongest man in the world

  1. Mark Henry – Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Strongman, Wrestler

Born: USA, 1971

Level: 6’4″


Henry holds the one of a kind qualification of being the main man ever to hold both the U.S. weightlifting and powerlifting superheavyweight title titles simultaneously.

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Regardless of his unbelievable accomplishments, Todd accepts that Henry has stores of undiscovered potential that we never got to see as he sought after a vocation in WWE. So in principle in any event, Henry could have been the strongest man ever. Be that as it may, we think one man has him beat.

  1. Charge Kazmaier – Powerlifter, Strongman

Born: USA, 1953

Level: 6’3″


Kaz” is thought of as by many to be the strongest of the strong, and it’s difficult to contend. The champ of the ’80, ’81, and ’82 WSM challenges, Kazmaier was banned from contending in 1983 by the occasion’s coordinators since it was accepted that insofar as he contended, no other person could at any point be able to relish triumph.

Kaz was the primary man to lift every one of the five McGlashen stones, which weigh somewhere in the range of 90 and 160 kilograms (around 200 and 350 pounds).

His 661-pound seat press remained as the world record for quite a long time, and notwithstanding a pec tear presently he would have unquestionably outmaneuvered it himself. His 2,425-pound absolute, put off in 1981, is as yet the record for crude (no seat shirt, no squat suit) powerlifting today.

strongest man in the world

  1. Paul Anderson – Weightlifter, Powerlifter, Showman

Bhopal: USA, 1932-1994

Level: 5’9″


Paul Anderson’s name might be the most dubious one on this rundown. Announced by some to be by a long shot the strongest man who at any point lived, he likewise has his portion of cynics.

Whether he truly hunched down 1,200 pounds is available to discuss, yet Dr. Todd by and by saw him squat 700 for eight reps in a display — when the authority world record 1RM for the squat was around 700 pounds. Anderson won an Olympic Gold award for the U.S. in weightlifting in Melbourne, Australia, in 1956.

  1. Vasyl Virastyuk – Strongman

Born: UKRAINE, 1974

Level: 6’3″


Virastyuk is the very first individual to be pronounced the strongest man on earth in both the World’s Strongest Man and IFSA World Championship rivalries, winning in 2004 and 2007, separately.

As a matter of fact, he pushed out the man who best this rundown when he accomplished triumph at the IFSA challenge. Also, the Ukrainian strongman came in just short of the leader at the Arnold Strongman Classic on three events (2005-07).

Presently 40, Virastyuk has been resigned from rivalry for quite a while, however his accomplishments and his inheritance live on.

  1. Louis Uni – Strongman

LIVED: FRANCE, 1862-1928

Level: 6’3″


It’s particularly hard to work out exactly where Uni, also known as Apollon the Mighty, ought to rank among the unequaled greats, as annals of his accomplishments are generally flowery, noncritical records.

Yet, he was known for his extraordinary grasp strength and enormous hands, which delivered him fit for lifting bars others lacked the ability to accommodate their hands around.

Uni was additionally potentially the world’s most memorable strength competitor, being a very fit and spry man who took on any and all individuals in wrestling difficulties.

strongest man in the world

  1. Brian Siders – Powerlifter

Born: USA, 1978

Level: 6’2″


Siders has a place on this great rundown for his general strength-he succeeds in each of the three powerlifts with individual outclasses of 1,019 pounds in the squat, 799 pounds on the seat, and a deadlift of 865 pounds for a 2,651-pound complete.

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His best crude lifts remember 650 pounds for the seat and 840 pounds in the deadlift. Siders invests wholeheartedly in having accomplished the aforementioned accomplishments without the utilization of performance enhancement, implying that his solidarity gets absolutely from hereditary favors and ruthlessly difficult work, similar as that of the accompanying man.

  1. Andy Bolton-Powerlifter

Born: ENGLAND, 1970

Level: 6′


England’s Andy Bolton is the primary man in history to have deadlifted 1,000 pounds. Two times during rivalry he overshadowed his own accomplishment with pulls of 1,003 pounds and a then-record 1,008 pounds.

Bolton holds the fourth most elevated squat ever (1213.63 pounds), and his three-lift absolute of 2,806.34 pounds positions third most elevated ever. He once expressed his objective was to break the legendary 3,000-pound complete, an accomplishment not even longed for by most powerlifters of any time.

  1. Leonid Taranenko – Weightlifter

Born: USSR, 1956

Level: 5’11”


Taranenko set the worldwide best in weightlifting for the quick lift (266 kilograms, or 58.2 pounds) and aggregate (475 kilograms, or 1,045 pounds) way back in 1988 — an age in weightlifting years — these records actually stand today.

Due to rebuilding by the International Weightlifting Federation of its weight classes, Taranenko’s true records never again stand, yet his lifts presently can’t seem to be approached. You know that sidelining six plates is so difficult? Envision lifting it above. Well that is power!

  1. Brian Shaw-Strongman

Born: USA, 1982

Level: 6’8″


Shaw imparts something in like manner to the unbelievable Bill Kazmaier — the two men have put top three at the World’s Strongest Man a sum of multiple times. Shaw, a double cross WSM champ (2011, 2013), has posted outclasses of 972 pounds in the deadlift and 1,122 pounds in the Hummer tire deadlift in rivalry (with lashes).

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In the exercise center, he’s credited with crouching 825 pounds, sidelining 535 pounds, and deadlifting 985 pounds (with lashes).


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strongest man in the world

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The most solid men have come from contests, including the World’s Strongest Man (WSM), powerlifting, weightlifting, and wrestling. The WSM is a yearly global occasion drawing in a few very much fabricated men on the planet. It started in 1977.

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