Strong Girl Bong-Soon 2 – The Most Awaited K-Drama Of All Time



There is no doubt that web series and TV shows are getting the first priority for people to entertain during the time of the Pandemic. Last year, I spent most of the time watching web series and anime, and to be honest I am not even guilty. While I feel like that I must have studied at those hours but never mind. Now, there will be one of your friends who will always force you to watch K-dramas and listen to K-pop. I am that friend in my friend’s group.

With K-drama being popular all over the world, it is necessary to update all the K-drama lovers about their one of the favorite shows of all time. Here, I am talking about the strong girl bong-soon. The series has been reported to be one of the most-watched and most rated series of all time. Strong girl bong-soon has been watched millions of times. Its unique storyline makes it more likely to be loved by the audience. 

In this article, we will be talking about how the popularity of this Korean Drama is being spread around the world. Not only this, but we will also see the possibilities of another season of this K-drama. If you are a fan of this series then you shouldn’t miss anything about this article, Let’s start.

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon – A Unique K-drama 

Strong girl Bong-Soon

The South Korean famous K-drama, Strong Girl Bong-Soon was first released in 2017 by the popular TV channel JTBC. The TV network was not that popular at that time but after the release of Strong Girl Bong-Soon, the popularity expanded all around the globe. The TV channel is also known for their K-drama Itaewon Class and The world of the Married. 

Talking about the Strong Girl Bong-Soon which revolves around Bong-Soon who is just a little and fragile girl. She looks just like a kid who just needs to get protected at any cost. But this show strongly tells how the looks of the person don’t really define them. 

Bong-soon looks like a timid and shy girl but in reality, she has superpowers. Her superpowers consist of her being one of the strongest and Powerful girls and she can overcome any situation. 

The character of Bong-Soon is played by Park Bo-young who is known for her notable role in Scandal Makers and On Your Wedding Day. the main protagonist of the show is something to watch for the non-Korean lover and the people who haven’t watched the show yet. 

The story of this K-drama is full of action and thriller and OHH, OHH how can I forget Romance *heartu*. A Korean drama without romantic Scenes is just not right. It feels like something is missing in the world. 

As the show became a success and became the popular show of the JTBC, it became a need for the audience to ask if there will be another season of Strong Girl Bong-Soon or not? The show ends with a great ending but the audience is still looking for the hints.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon – What is the Storyline?

Strong girl Bong-Soon

The story of this K-Drama centralizes the girl named Bong-Soon who may look super adorable and shy with her looks but actually a supergirl. The story starts with her and how she is just the strongest girl in the world but her looks will definitely make you doubt her.

Actually, Bong-Soon has hereditary supernatural powers and her ability to be this power comes from her mother, who was also just like her. As the power is hereditary and it only goes to the female of the family, Bong-Soon was blessed with it. After realizing her superpowers she decided to help the people who needed help.

The story is incomplete without a Hero but as K-dramas are mostly built with a Love-triangle, there are two heroes in this story. The first one is the cop who is also an old-childhood crush of Bond-Soon and she always admired his looks. Guk-doo, who is the policeman, has an image of Bong-soon as being a shy little girl who needs help, while the truth is something else. 

As she has a crush on him, she never really opens up her real identity because she is afraid that her crush might think of her badly. 

Coming to the main lead of the story, who is a rich CEO of a Gaming Platform, Ahn Min-Hyuk. He is a rich guy who has a bad past and always finds himself in trouble. When he encounters Bong-Soon that who is powerful and saved the old lady from the boys, he immediately hires her as a bodyguard. 

Bong-Soon, on the other hand, has a passion for playing a video-game. She thinks of this as an opportunity to get a decent job in a big company. These two started to spend time more together and that unfolds the romantic side of the story. 

The story gets amazing as you reach the finale episodes and you will seriously get butterflies by seeing the romance between Bong-Soon And Min-hyuk. 

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon – Who is in it?

As the name of the title of this drama has Bong-Soon in it, the story starts with her. The character Bong-soon is played by Park Bo-young. She is popular for her debut role in the other famous series Werewolf Boy and On Your Wedding day. Park Bo-young will be seen as the female lead of the story.

On the other hand, the lead of the drama is Park Hyung-Sik who is the famous idol of the Korean Boy-group ZE: A. you have also seen her in the famous K-drama Hwarang which is also famous for Kim-Taehyung’s debut. 

The other main lead of the story is Guk-Doo who is the crush of Bong-Soon and there starts the love triangle in the story. Every actor of this K-drama has amazingly played their role and that’s the reason why this show gets the Seoul International Drama Awards.

Strong Girl Bong-Soon Season 2 – Is it going to happen?

strong girl bong-soon

The first season of the K-drama was released on 15 April 2017. After the release of the show, it premiered on the JTBC. The show is already available on Netflix with English subtle so if any one of you has a desire to watch it, you can go to Netflix.

The K-drama released 16 episodes and 1 special episode which is amazing. The storyline of this K-drama is perfect and it will keep you engaged throughout the journey. 

Coming to the Season 2 of this series, the second season of this K-drama is not officially announced yet. As most of the K-dramas have a history of not looking back at any seasons. I don’t really think that there are chances of season 2. 

But the TV channel has also not canceled the k-drama yet and people are wondering if this to be a chance that season 2 might happen. 

The first season of The Strong Girl Bong-Soon ended on good terms and the story was happily ended. 

If there will be any updates in the future regarding the show then I’ll let you know.

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Strong Girl Bong-Soon Season 2 – What is the release date?

The release date of the Strong Girl Bong-Soon has not been released yet. The series was neither Officially renewed nor Cancelled by the JTBC. The Tv channel JTBC has all the rights for this show. It is up to them whether they want to renew the show for another season or not. 

Till now, there is nothing to say as there is no real and official news. I will keep the article updates and if there will be any confirmation, you will get notified. Bookmark this page to get notified.

Is there any Official trailer for this show?

As a fan of K-drama, you should definitely check out the latest trailer of Strong Girl Bong-Soon. The official trailer of Season 2 isn’t out yet. I will notify you if it will happen in the near future but till then there is an official trailer of the first season. I’ll be linking the video of the first trailer below. Be comfortable watching it. 

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