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Street Fighter 5: Players Complain Keeping Getting Banned by Capcom


David Mudd

The number of Street Fighter 5 players who get banned by the game’s developer Camcom is increasing. It is happening because of some particularly unavoidable nasty behavior. The players are spitting out vitriol spew out of their mouths. After all, this is becoming a headache for many other gamers and people who take gaming seriously.

Street Fighter players always had a special place in the field of the esports world. Besides, most of them put all work together in mastering the single-game and used to take it against other gaming professionals for a living. However, it is a wonder how these many esports athletes are becoming careless and keep throwing out this wonderful opportunity.

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Street Fighter 5

Sparrow’s And Tran’s Ban (Street Fighter 5)

The latest twitter post from the Capcom announced that the players Christina Tran and Dalauan Sparrow are banned for an indefinite period. This happened after a big word-fight between the two players. Both of them used offensive statements online. Sparrow used a hateful transphobic rant against Tran after losing to her in an exhibition match on April 16.

Tran replayed him with racial slurs on streams. The well-deserved ban of both players is indefinite. That may be the period including this year and even more. These are not only the bans that happened in nearby weeks. After all, it is now sure that the game developers will publish a notice about not acceptable behavior. Beyond everything, if other publishers too take this kind of decisions against players. That will become a revolution in the industry.

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