Stray Kids Become the Second K-Pop Act To Chart Multiple No. 1 Albums in the U.S.!


Saloni Singh

South Korean pop group Stray Kids has created history as they come the only artist in the world to debut two different compendiums at No. 1 on Billboard 200 map this time.

 On October 16, Billboard blazoned that Stray Kids ’ new mini reader MAXIDENT debuted atNo. 1 on its Top 200 compendiums map. With this point, slapdash kiddies come the only artist to debut two compendiums atNo. 1 on the Billboard 200 map this time and the first to achieve the feat since Taylor Swift in 2021.

 According to Korean media Soompi, Stray Kids is now the first K- pop artist in history to top the Billboard 200 with both of their first two map entries.( To date, ODDINARY and MAXIDENT are slapdash kiddies ’ only compendiums to enter the map.) The group is also only the alternate K- pop artist ever to eclipse the Billboard 200 further than formerly, following BTS.

 Week after week, the Billboard reader map is a tale of two formats.

Stray Kids Become The Second K-Pop Act To Chart Multiple No. 1 Albums In The U.S.

Utmost of the Time, the Titles That Reach No. 1 Are the Bones

 that are most popular on streaming services. So far in 2022, that has included Disney’s “ Encanto ” soundtrack, colorful rap records( by Drake, Lil Durk, Future) and this time’s biggest megahit, Bad Bunny’s “ Un Verano Sin Ti, ” which has held the top spot for 13 weeks.

 The rest of the time, the top position belongs to the records that make a splash with physical performances, like vinyl LPs, CDs and collectible boxed sets packed with delicacies like bills and T- shirts. Some of the most professed marketers of physical media these days have been K- pop groups, like BTS and Blackpink.

This week, the eight- member Stray Kids, from South Korea, opens atNo. 1 for a alternate time this time with “ Maxident, ” which had the fellow of 1,000 deals in the United States, according to the shadowing service Luminate.

As with its last release, “ Oddinary, ” which outgunned the map back in March, utmost of the deals of “ Maxident ” were on CD, with the band releasing the reader in as numerous as 10 different packages, including exclusive performances for retailers like Target and Barnes & Noble.

Stray Kids Become The Second K-Pop Act To Chart Multiple No. 1 Albums In The U.S.

 BTS, Blackpink And Stray Kids Have Made 2022 A major Time For K- Pop Artists On The Billboard Charts

 The current edition of the Billboard 200, Billboard’s namesake weekly ranking of the most- consumed compendiums and EPs in the United States, is dominated by Stray Kids. The South Korean boy band is back on top of the list with their rearmost immolation, Maxident, which fluently conquers the census.

 With Stray kiddies back in charge of the Billboard 200( for the alternate time in about six months), 2022 has formerly come the biggest time ever when looking at titles produced by South Korean artists reaching theNo. 1 spot on the most important compendiums ranking in the largest music request in the world.

 So far in 2022, four different compendiums by South Korean musical acts have outgunned the Billboard 200. That’s doubly as numerous map leaders by K- pop stars than in any other time, and there are still months to go before 2023 arrives.