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Strategies to Achieve Tech Nirvana in 2023!

Reaching the state of tech sublimity made easy

A term with its roots in Buddhism, ‘Nirvana’ ideally means- an ultimate state of transcendence in which there is neither desire, suffering, nor sense of self, and the subject finally gets a release from the effects of the cycle of birth, death and karma. Amidst the humdrum of today’s cacophony, achieving this state of mind seems like an unfeasible goal. But who can’t deny the myriad of benefits it offers!

The usage of social media was always there but according to numerous surveys, it took a surge post pandemic. Now alongside social media, new communication platforms, streaming subscriptions gobble up too much of our time. However, with regards to our health, it is highly important for us to achieve ‘tech nirvana’ alongside the goals of exercise and healthy diet. Thinking about what can be your stepping stone? Worry not as we are here for you!

First and foremost, why should you achieve ‘tech nirvana’?

Technology might induce anxiety

The dependence on technology has reached such a state that many individuals have started believing that they can’t live without their technological gadgets. Surveys and studies have thereby shown that use of technology may also increase stress. For many people, the constant need to check emails, messages, and social media as well as the constant digital connection are the main causes of this technology stress.

According to the South African Stress and Health (SASH) study, a fifth of South African people (about 18%) said that using technology significantly increased their stress levels. Research from Sweden also shows that young people who use technology frequently have problems falling asleep, show signs of depression and feel higher levels of stress.

Use of heavy gadgets might trigger mental health issues

According to a study that was published in the journal “Child Development”, teenagers who use technology heavily on a regular basis, have a higher risk of developing mental health problems. Using digital devices more frequently was linked to a loss of self-control, an increase in conduct disorder and ADHD symptoms, and an increase in ADHD symptoms.

Increase of inferiority complex

As the saying goes, comparing might truly steal your joy. If you frequently use social media, it's possible that you compare your own life to the lives of your friends, family, strangers, and famous people. As a result, you can come to believe that everyone else is leading a fuller, more luxurious, or more exciting existence.

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Strategies to achieve ‘tech nirvana’

Evaluate your goals and situation

You may begin your digital detox by evaluating the aspects of your life that require technology and setting some attainable goals. Consider the problems you have with technology, such as poorer sleep and a shorter attention span. Choose which aspects of your life that need the greatest attention, and beware of the detox's limitations. Choose the length of time that your detox should last as well.

Begin with small actions

Choose modest acts that support your objectives. Take baby steps at first because giving up technology abruptly is challenging. Try not checking your phone while in bed, for instance, if you want to sleep better. Set time limitations on those applications if you struggle with self-comparison on social media. If you find it difficult to focus during face-to-face chats, turn your phone to “do not disturb” mode when you're with a friend. Make lasting changes with the help of these little measures.

Get a control over your digital clutter

A sorting function like Gmail's “rules” may be helpful for prioritizing the most crucial emails if you want to take control of your unread emails. Consider deleting emails with hefty attachments if you still long for a stronger sense of digital control. This will free up storage space and enable you to control the flood. Perhaps there are too many apps on your phone as well. Getting rid of the apps you don't use frequently or hiding them from your home screen is an easy fix.

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To wrap it up

The state of ‘tech nirvana’ comes in a number of forms. Tech experts, however, have given more weightage to taking good care of the devices. This entails updating your phone's software and changing the battery every two to three years.  Although this isn’t easy, Brian X. Chen, the lead consumer technology writer for The New York Times and writer of the Sheera Frenkel and Tech Fix column, said that once you get the hang of regular maintenance, “you’ve reached technology nirvana.”

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