Stranger Things Season 5 is Not Coming to Netflix in 2022, Know Why?



Stranger Things Season 4 has recently concluded and with the series coming in 2 parts, everyone assumed that it would be the end of the show. However, Netflix gave us a big surprise and left part 2 with a lot of cliffhangers. Fans are already questioning all these years where they have thought that Stranger Things season 4 will be the finale season of the show and they will be going to meet with all those answers and resolve the story, but it looks like their whole story was a lie, just like the earlier announcement from NETFLIX. 

Nevermind! It is again an exciting thing for the fans who want the story to continue. Season 4 of Netflix ended with multiple questions what will be better than having another season of Stranger Things? Well, let’s take note of another dimension and see what exactly going to happen next.

The fate of Hawkins’ people is yet to be decided and we have to see what exactly happens inside the upside down. With the powers of eleven finally getting back after so many challenges, we know that the journey is going to be exciting and full of events, here is everything you need to learn regarding the show. 

Stranger Things Season 5: Is It Officially confirmed?

Stranger Things Season 5

I know that most people have already got goosebumps after they watched the fourth season. The fourth season has already made the viewers wait for so long but as it arrived on the Scream, it generated a kickass starting and concluding on major suspense. 

The story for the fourth season was filled with multiple challenges, cliffhangers, and suspense which was making the fans excited. By watching Volume 2 for the fourth season, you must have assumed the future of the show. And if you didn’t then don’t worry we already have the official confirmation by Netflix itself. 

Netflix has announced that Stranger Things is coming back with its fifth season. Just after the release of the fourth season, the official announced that the series won’t be stopping. The fifth installment of the thriller series is already announced and while many people thought that the fourth will be the last, it was confirmed that the fifth will be the final of the show. 

We are hoping to see all the cast back and get their investigation done. Let’s hope the upside down gets close for everyone’s good and the people start to live their normal lives.

Stranger Things Season 5 Cast: Who will be back?

Stranger Things Season 5 The fourth season was filled with a lot of emotions and we’re already worried for the cast in the upcoming journey. As much as the fans wanted to see the cast winning over Vecna, it was already shown that some of our favorites were not going to be in the upcoming season. It is hard to believe but the show won’t be moving forward with selective people that have already died in the fourth part. 

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Talking about the confirmed cast, we are likely to meet all the living people. For that you can expect, Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), Finn Wolfhard (Mike Wheeler), Noah Schnapp (Will Byers), Caleb McLaughlin (Lucas Sinclair), Gaten Matarazzo (Dustin Henderson), Sadie Sink (Max Mayfield), and Priah Ferguson (Erica Sinclair) getting back as their main role. 

Along with this, there will be  Joe Keery (Steve Harrington), Maya Hawke (Robin Buckley), Natalia Dyer (Nancy Wheeler), Charlie Heaton (Jonathan Byers), and Eduardo Franco (Argyle) in the show. 

Moreover, the show is also going to bring back David Harbour (Jim Hopper), Winona Ryder (Joyce Byers), Bret Gelman (Murray), and Tom Wlaschiha (Dmitri). 

Since we have already recorded the name of all the characters, we must be keeping our eyes on the villains. Well, the antagonist of Stranger things, Jamie Campbell-Bower aka 001 aka Vecna is still alive. It looks like after all these seasons, he has become stronger, which is already a big challenge for the cast.

Stranger Things Season 5 Plot: What it will be about?

While everyone is busy with their theories and predicting the plot for the fifth season, we still don’t have any official synopsis and inside regarding the show. Stranger Things Season 4 went a long way and revealed some of the biggest things that were not at all guessed by the viewers. 

With part 2 already wrapping off, we believe that the fifth season is dominating the whole season and will be directing to the end. As per the official’s announcement. Duffers have already revealed how the ending of the series has already shed many tears on the stage but believe me! It won’t disappoint you at all. 

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Duffer Brother said, “We do have an outline for season five and we pitched it to Netflix and they responded well to it. I mean, it was hard. It’s the end of the story. I saw executives crying who I’ve never seen cry before and it was wild.”

Some characters have already said goodbye to their roles but the main characters are still left. What if they return to the show? Well, this ain’t the first time when the show has brought back the characters on the set. Let’s wait for the fifth season to arrive. What are your predictions regarding the fifth part?

Stranger Things Season 5 Release date: What is the Potential Release Date?

Stranger Things Season 5 Plot

It’s been only a month since part 2 of the fourth season has officially dropped. While most people are already discussing and making their theories, Netflix’s official confirmation brings strength to the fans. Though everyone is hoping to see the fifth season super soon at the same time, there are already a lot of things going around. 

Starting with the Release date the show has just concluded its fourth season and with so many things already on the way, it would be too soon to give a release date. At the time of writing, Netflix has not yet announced the release date for the upcoming season.

We have already seen nearly 3 years have passed in the filming and production of the third and fourth seasons, but at the same time, they were due to the global pandemic. The biggest question is, whether Stranger Things Season 5 is going to release in 2023. One of the biggest things for the officials to achieve over time would be the first production. Fans are already pissed to see how much time was taken by the officials. We also believe that the officials will try their best to renew the fifth season on time. 

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After the end of the fourth season, Duffer released a statement while chatting with the collider. It was revealed that the pre-production for the series has not yet started. It was further revealed that the cast & crew is likely to take off from shooting. Ross said, “We’re going to take a little vacation in July, and then we’re going to come back. I know that the writer’s room is going to start in that first week of August,” 

Stranger Things Season 5 Release Date

Matt and Ross Duffer also reveals in a statement saying “Seven years ago, we planned out the complete story arc for Stranger Things. At the time, we predicted the story would last for four to five seasons. It proved too large to tell in four but – as you’ll soon see for yourselves – we are now hurtling toward our finale. Season four will be the penultimate season; season five will be the last.

He further added, “There are still many more exciting stories to tell within the world of Stranger Things; new mysteries, new adventures, new unexpected heroes. But first, we hope that you stay with us as we finish this tale of a powerful girl named Eleven and her brave friends, of a broken police chief and a ferocious mom, of a small town called Hawkins, and an alternate dimension known only as the Upside Down. As always, we are grateful for your patience and support.”

Considering the high production of the series, we believe that it would be hard for the show to drop in 2023. There are fair chances for the series to get released in 2024. We are still waiting for the official announcement and will let you know once we find out more about it. 

Is there any official trailer to watch?

Unfortunately, there is no official trailer for the fifth season. Netflix has just announced the renewal of the final part. The pre-production for the fifth installment has not yet been made. If by any chance you have missed the trailer for the fourth season then here it is.