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Stowaway Netflix: Everything You Need to Know!


David Mudd

Have you ever faced such a situation when you had to struggle between life and death, like a situation in life or in dreams? Most of the situations or conditions come to be seen in sci-fiction movies or dramas. And here I come up with such a thriller sci-fiction movie on Netflix which is titled Stowaway. The movie came back on April 22, 2021 and runs for 116 minutes in English language in the United States and Germany and picked up by Netflix to run in selected territories and by Wild Bunch in Germany.

Makers spend $10 million on this space life struggle movie which features Anna Kendrick, Daniel Dae Kim, Shamier Anderson and Toni Collette. Joe Penna is both the director and writer of this film along with Ryan Morrison.

Ulrich Schwarz, Nick Spicer and Aram Tertzakian are the producer of Stowaway which tells how the one person puts the life of other three astronauts in danger when the take off their spaceship to the Mars and how the face problems to survive as the level of oxygen goes down due to damage of one of the parts of the spaceship due to stranger or Michael when he wake up from the sleep and he is the support engineer.

Movie Name Stowaway
Release Date April 22, 2021
Genre Sci-fi, Thriller
Network Netflix, Amazon
Director Joe Penna

Stowaway Netflix 2021 Film Release Date

Stowaway Netflix

Before acquiring the rights to release the film by Netflix the film was picked up by Sony Pictures Worldwide in release its internationally but later on Netflix picked the distribution rights to release the film in some territories because the film is excluded to release in the United States.

Along with Netflix, Amazon Prime came up to release the film in Canada and the film finally came out on April 22, 2021 after two years as filming of the movie started back in June 2019.

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Stowaway Soundtrack List

Here is the 18 soundtrack and you can listen to it on Spotify and on Amazon.

Stowaway: Cast and Characters

Who are the cast members who played astronauts in this Stowaway?

  • Zoe Levenson or the sweet and caring doctor role is picked by Anna Kendrick.
  • Toni Collette played the role of captain or commander of the ship as Marina Barnett.
  • David Kim, the Biologist who once said to sacrifice the life of Michael is played by Daniel Dae Kim.
  • Michael Adams, the stranger or the Stowaway who unfortunately puts the life of other three crew members in danger is played by Shamier Anderson.

Stowaway Movie Plot

Stowaway Netflix

Stowaway is a thriller movie which features Anna Kendrick as Zoe, the doctor in the spaceship along with other crew members who board the ship to go on their mission to Mars.

When they left the Earth, Commander of the Ship Marina Barnett finds a man named Michael Adams who is unfortunately in the ship and nobody discovers him before they take off their ship to Mars.

He is accidentally on the ship and wants to go back to Earth but it is not possible for them to land again on Earth before completing their mission.

But without knowing or unfortunately he stands between the devices due to which device scrubs and CO2 started entering on the ship and later on when he falls down the device breaks which makes it difficult to breathe due to loss of oxygen and increase in the level of carbon dioxide. They are forced to survive and then they make oxygen by rubbing or using algae experiment by biologist David.

With the help of this only two people can survive before reaching Mars so they decided to save four of them as half of the algae is dead and now the only solution is to take or collect liquid oxygen by walking to the upper Stage rocket where they can use oxygen and it is so risky for them.

But Zoe decided to wait more days and try to find another solution but after 3 days they again suffering and lies between the stage of life and death so two of them decided to sacrifice the life of Michael who is a stranger and unfortunately on this ship but Zoe is a kind and good hearted woman who stops them of taking the life of Michael.

When David realised that two of the person’s lives were in danger he also accompanied the commander to take the oxygen to the ship from the upper part.

Stowaway Netflix

They went up and it was dangerous and when they came back they lost one of the oxygen, one of two cylinders and the one which is left started to leak oxygen and then finally Zoe decided to sacrifice her by managing to fill the cylinder and return to the ship before the radiation or poison goes into her.

In the last she experienced her final moments outside the ship and looking at Mars and Stars.

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Stowaway Ratings and Reviews

Age rating of this movie is not given but Stowaway received 5.6 ratings on IMDB out of 10 with 1.3k mixed users reviews about this film.

On Rotten Tomatoes the movie received 77% and 63% on Metacritic.

Stowaway Trailer

Here is the trailer of a thriller space movie where all the crew members have to struggle for their lives as oxygen levels decrease on their ship.

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