Stephen Colletti Girlfriend: He Goes Official With His New Girlfriend!


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Stephen Colletti has another Laguna Beach podcast with his secondary school girlfriend, Kristin Cavallari, yet is the reality television star dating anybody now?

Stephen Colletti was the widely adored reality TV heart breaker when Laguna Beach debuted in 2004, and after 18 years, fans are as yet pondering the star’s dating life. Stephen as of late sent off his new rewatch podcast Back to the Beach with Kristin and Stephen with ex and previous costar Kristin Cavallari.

The two dated on and off during seasons 1 and 2 of Laguna Beach, and devotees of the reality series can in any case recall the ear-puncturing sound of Kristin crying her boyfriend’s name whenever she was irritated with him. Stephen likewise had a throw with his closest companion Lauren Conrad, and he appeared to shuffle relationships with the two young ladies all through the series.

She’s an outstanding name in the racecar world! Stephen Colletti is tracking down affection with his new girlfriend, Alex Weaver. The Laguna Beach alum acquainted fans with the NASCAR columnist in August 2022, however what else could there be to realize about his new woman love?

Stephen Colletti girlfriend

What Is Alex Weaver’s Job?

Very much like Stephen, the blonde magnificence is in the amusement world. Be that as it may, reality TV isn’t her gig. Alex functions as a NASCAR host and correspondent, frequently showing up behind the work area on Backseat Drivers. Prior to capturing her facilitating gig, Alex was likewise a facilitator for video methodology at NASCAR, per her LinkedIn.

Before joining the racecar world, she worked at ESPN as an understudy journalist and on air ability while going to class at Clemson University.

Where Could Alex Weaver From Be?

Alex’s LinkedIn uncovered that she’s situated in Charlotte, North Carolina where NASCAR is settled, and her Reddit AMA from March 2022 uncovered that she’s resided there for what seems like forever.

“Brought up here in the Charlotte region so I grew up around NASCAR. My granddad was a HUGE fan and never missed a race on Sundays,” Alex composed on Reddit.

“That is the foundation I had growing up, had close to zero familiarity with the game other than what my identity should applaud to satisfy my granddad on Sunday evening. Post school, NASCAR connected with an open door. My granddad had spent away years earlier and I considered the open position to be a sign from him. 4.5 years after the fact, we are right here!”

As indicated by her February 2020 interview on the “Rich Take on Sports” podcast, Alex’s father was a football player at East Carolina University and her mother was a team promoter at Clemson University before they met.

The correspondent was conceived Jordan Alexis Weaver and she’s likewise a lone kid, per the equivalent podcast interview.

Stephen Colletti girlfriend

What Is Alex Weaver’s Net Worth?

While it’s muddled how much cash the NASCAR have makes, it’s been accounted for that her assessed net worth is upwards of $300,000.

How Did Alex Weaver and Stephen Colletti Meet?

The two didn’t disclose the subtleties of their gatherings, yet Stephen opened up to the world about Alex by means of Instagram in August 2022.

“Enchantment hours are a smidgen more supernatural this year,” the previous reality star captioned their most memorable photograph together. Beforehand, extremely observant fans saw Stephen leaving coy remarks on Alex’s Instagram posts.

Fam is back for #BackseatDrivers this week — see you then!” Alex captioned a photograph of herself. At that point, Stephen composed back, “Fam jam,” close by a fire emoticon. Excessively adorable!

Stephen Colletti and NASCAR Host and Columnist Alex Weaver Are Authoritatively Dating

It’s going great for Stephen Colletti and girlfriend Alex Weaver as the Laguna Beach alum has taken his relationship to online entertainment.

Colletti, 36, shared a photograph on Instagram on Wednesday in which the pair relaxed in the daylight while on a boat.

“Sorcery hours are somewhat more mystical this year. 😎 @al_weave,” Colletti wrote in the caption, to which Weaver answered with a silver heart emoticon and a straightforward reaction: “most fortunate young lady.”

Weaver — whose checked Instagram and Twitter profiles recognize her as a host and columnist for NASCAR — shared Colletti’s photograph on her Instagram Story with the caption: “I’m a fortunate young lady.”

Weaver likewise co-has a podcast called Backseat Drivers that covers recent developments in the auto hustling organization, as per the show’s Spotify page.

Stephen Colletti girlfriend

Cavallari, 35, Told PEOPLE in July That She “Genuinely [Does Not] Figure Anybody Ought To Be on Reality TV Until You’re 18, and, Surprisingly, Then It’s Sketchy.”

“It’s one thing to sort of go through what we went through in our little juvenile love, secondary school relationship. We clearly gained some significant knowledge around then in our life and you take that going ahead,” he told PEOPLE only.

“However, I think when that’s what you take and you throw in a reality show where we realized we were clearly going on a TV show for MTV yet really had no clue about the thing it at last would have been.”

What’s more, how it, as a matter of some importance, was altered together and the tales were then imparted to a group of people, however at that point the way in which responsive the crowd was to it,” he added.

Cavallari, 35, told PEOPLE in July that she “genuinely [does not] figure anybody ought to be on reality TV until you’re 18, and, surprisingly, then it’s sketchy.”

“You think back, and I couldn’t say whether you could do this show today for some reasons,” Colletti told PEOPLE, in concurrence with Cavallari.

Obviously, we genuinely didn’t have any idea what we were finding ourselves mixed up with,” he noted. “You could most likely placed somewhat more things on TV than you can today. … There’s a ton of things that emerged from our mouth that we’re certainly not glad for.”

Cavallari, as far as it matters for her, conceded she “did some moronic stuff” while on the MTV hit. “The things that emerged from my mouth are really horrifying. Yet, it was only that time,” she told PEOPLE.

Stephen Colletti girlfriend


Stephen Colletti and Alex Weaver are Instagram-official!

Enchantment hours are a smidgen more supernatural this year. ,” Kristin Cavallari’s ex captioned an Instagram selfie Wednesday showing him and his driving woman cuddled up together on a boat.

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