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Steady stream of San Joaquin County voters head to the polls on Election Day despite rain

Midterm elections are holding in every part of the country and people are already rushing to vote for their leaders.  San Joaquin County is facing a little more difficulty to cope with the situation. We saw that the weather in the place is not appropriate for the people to vote. The wet weather and little power support are making voting more hectic for the people. 

However, despite all these things, the people of the place are keeping up with the updates and despite the shortage of electricity, the citizens are making sure that their precious vote doesn’t get wasted. 

“I think it’s smooth,” Registrar Olivia Hale said. “We’re a little busy at our counter, but that’s the nature of Election Day.”

“We always prepare. We have emergency preparedness plans, and the weather is part of that,” said San Joaquin County Registrar of Voters Olivia Hale.

“It can. We want to believe that with us being an all-vote-by-mail state now and in San Joaquin County being all vote-by-mail that our voters have utilized that option. They’ve been able to turn in ballots as early as 29 days before the election,” she said.

According to the report, the place can already go through multiple changes over time. The weather will remain as it is for the new few days. There is rarely any chance for people to see the clear sky, 

The place is filled with thunderstorms and the rain continues to shower in the afternoon and the evening. According to the National Weather Service, the voters started to move for their election polls despite having railings. 

According to the report, “Voters making their voices heard today as another Midterm election takes place. In San Joaquin County, more than 71.9k voters made choices in key races from the U.S. House of Reps. to local city council seats.”

In case of further outages, polling places have two hours of backup power and can switch to generators after that, Hale said. The registrar’s office in downtown Stockton lost power Tuesday afternoon and was switched to generator power, she said.

Also, the weather is getting better as time spades by. People started to notice the clear sky, which ultimately led to the indulgence of more people for voting rights. 

The news is filled with the polling details and people are excited to see the results for it.

According to PG&E’s outage map, “As of about 3 p.m., less than 50 customers were experiencing outages in four areas of Stockton. But that’s not it, In areas north of the Calaveras River, just east of Country Club, between 50 and 499 customers were affected.”

Many people were affected by the thunderstorm and the weather changes facing over the last few days. In north Stockton, some 55 voters had cast their ballot by 2 p.m. Tuesday at Engine Company 7 at Gibbons Park, off Hammer Lane, Stockton.

While the workers of the election poll are getting prepared for the upcoming weather, They have already used blankets, jackets, and protective measures for the bad wind and cold.




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