Eager Spirits Abound! Could a Thrilling Season 2 of “Stay by My Side” Be in the Works at Viki?



Are you one of those who just can not get enough of watching Stay By My Side season 1 and want to watch the next upcoming scenarios of the series in season 2 as well as do not know much about season 2? Then, you have come to the right location. Our platform is not your one-stop destination. Now, look no further!

Just like we provide accurate details about  Laws of Attraction Season 2, today we are going to explain each and every intricacies of Stay By My Side Season 2, release date updates, the truth behind the curtains from the speculations done by the audience of it, and so on. Let’s dive into it to find out all the matter!

An Overview of Stay by My Side Season 2

Season Title Stay by My Side
No. of Seasons 1
No. of Episode 6 (Season 1)
Status Season 1 End
Director N/A
Writer N/A
Music N/A
Genre Romance, Supernatural
Stars Wei-Che Hung, Isaac Yang, Wei-Po Liao
Production Vidol
Country of Origin Taiwan
Origin Language Mandarin
Available Languages Mandarin
First Season Aired On July 7, 2023 (Taiwan)
Second Season Aired On TBA
Run Time 20 Min
Available On Viki

Stay by My Side Season 2 Release Date: When Will It Be Streamed on Screen?

Stay By My Side season 2 release date

After receiving the glad tidings of the Star Trek Strange New Worlds Season 3, fans around the globe keep anticipating the arrival of Stay By My Side Season 2 as they want positive updates from the directors as well as show owners of it but sadly, no official confirmation has been made yet by the production house.

However, ready to be hooked as the studios will surely soon declare the renewal status of Stay By My Side season 2 as per the expectations! Till this, you can watch Fear the Walking Dead Season 9, as this series is a roller coaster of emotions as well as entertaining content with the touch of some thrilling actionist scenarios!

Stay by My Side Season 2 Cast and Characters: Who Will Be in It?

After revealing the list of cast and characters of The Real Has Come Season 2, Masses kept anticipating the cast and characters of the Stay By My Side Season 2 series. As there are no official updates made regarding the series we do not know if it will renewed or cancelled. Here is the expected list of those members who are involved in putting their whole efforts and energy into shaping the Stay By My Side season 2 scenarios for the upcoming bright future!

Cast Character
Hong Wei Zhe Gu Bu Xia
Yang I Hsuan Jiang Chi
Liao Wei Po Guo Zheng Hong
Superway Hsu Bai Yun Hao
Jin Cheng Gu Bu Tao
Kai-Hsiang Chang Lan Bai-Wei
Yu-He Hsia Lin Dai-Han
Lee-Fong Huang Kissing couple

The Storylines of Stay by My Side Season 2

The original Taiwanese fantasy Boys Love drama titled “Stay By My Side, revolves around the central characters Go, Bu Xia, and Jiang Chi just like the characters of Aloha Takamatsu and Tsuyoshi Furukawa of Tokyo in April is  Season 2. Although outwardly appearing as an ordinary individual, Bu Xia possesses the unique ability to hear the voices and cries of ghosts.

This unusual trait stems from his familial connections, as he was raised by his spirit medium grandfather since childhood. On the other hand, Jiang Chi’s life was normal during his grandfather’s lifetime, but after his grandfather’s passing, he began to encounter strange and unexplainable events.

Don’t just watch a drama, immerse yourself in a world where love conquers spectral voices in  Jun and Jun Season 2, Must watch it!

Where to Watch Stay by My Side Season 2?

Stay By My Side series found its streaming home on Viki. Viki platforms not only provide watching only Stay By My Side but also Black Ops Season 2. Moreover, without any interruptions in the view of fact that you just have to pay some amount of money for the subscription monthly or yearly as per all the plans of Viki.

Stay By My Side season 2 release date

It is such a glad tidings for the international fans of Stay By My Side that you can watch this series so don’t wait for the right time. Go and grab your seats as well as popcorn and watch the Stay By My Side series.

The Current Actual Ratings of Stay by My Side Season 2

The directors and show owners of the series know the taste in this realm world of several different genre series so they produced a series named Stay By My Side series. As a consequence, the series has got a surge in its popularity in such a short period of time. The view of the fact that Stay By My Side series has received numerous positive feedback as well as ratings from people around the world on several official rating platforms including

The Episodic Format of Stay by My Side Season 2

As I have mentioned above, no official announcements have been declared regarding the advent of the Stay By My Side season 2 series. Since the official updates hit the official platforms, speculations as well as rumors have been going on social media platforms. It is also anticipated by the fans that if the series Stay By My Side is renewed for its season 2 then its season 2 will follow the similar episodical format that the last season put together.

Updates About the Official Teaser of Stay by My Side Season 2

As we all know the lack of information about the renewal or cancellation status of the Stay By My Side series season 2 is only giving a Chance to the masses for fuel speculations as well as rumors on social media platforms. people keep anticipating the official teaser of season 2 of Stay By My Side but there are no official updates regarding the forthcoming official teaser of Stay By My Side season 2.

If you want to see the official trailer of season 1 of Stay By My Side then it is currently streaming on YouTube Platform while waiting for the official teaser of season 2 strive the screens.

Final Verdict

In the crux, yes! Stay By My Side series has a lot of popularity as well and it is worth watching all the time series. It is true that there is no official statements have been declared about the most popular as well as highly anticipated series season Stay By My Side season 2.

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