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Station 19 : After The Resident, Medical Shows Are Donating Supplies To First Responders


David Mudd

As the coronavirus continues to spread around the world, it is bringing together communities and people to help each other in the time of need. Many celebrities and public figures are already donating funds to provide relief to families in need. The medical shows are now stepping up to donate much needed medical supplies to first responders.

Medical Shows Donating Medical Supplies (coronavirus)

The show Resident recently donated medical supplies to first responders and hospitals to aid their fight with the coronavirus. The medical supplies include gloves, masks and gowns for doctors, nurses and patients.

Station 19 also released a statement along with their donation. They say that they had about ninety N95 masks at the location. Therefore, they are now donating these to help with relief efforts. Grey’s Anatomy and The Good Doctor are also donating gloves and gowns to health facilities.

Therefore, our onscreen heroes are making efforts to help our real-life heroes battle the coronavirus.

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The Corona Pandemic Shutting Down The World

Jeff Moore is the Battalion Chief/Medical Safety Officer at East Pierce Fire

Italy and Spain are becoming hot spots for the Coronavirus. Both countries are on lockdown with strict health protocols in place. All around the world, public places are shutting down. Parks, Theaters, Schools, Colleges etc. are all closing down in order to prevent the spread of the virus.

The entertainment industry is taking serious hits. Almost all ongoing productions are on hold. The release dates for all new movies are also pushing back. Hollywood is basically shut down. More than 100 productions are on hold in the US and Canada alone.

The Business Industry is also facing problems. The markets and economy of many countries are crashing. Businessmen and billionaires are losing more than 400 billion dollars in total due to the virus.

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Death Toll Of Corona Crosses 10,000

The death toll of the pandemic is now at 10,000 and counting.


More than 100 countries are affected, and there are more than 250,000 cases globally. Many countries are reporting a rise in the number of cases. European Union is also banning travel for 30 days. WHO recently announced the Coronavirus as a pandemic.

Everyone is encouraged to maintain personal hygiene and practice self-isolation and to distance to contain the virus.