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Startups Are In New Threat By iOS 14’s New Features


David Mudd

We always expect better to be the best. So does the Apple authority. And that’s why they are going to bring some major updates under iOS 14 code. We all are waiting for these updates for years. These new features may be bringing the threat to startups. Though it is uncertain, we can expect to have official unveiling in June. So, let’s have a look at what surprises Apple is going to bring for us.

New Fitness App: Seymour

Maybe Apple is going to a fitness app for iOS. It will be available for the iPhone, Apple Watch and Apple TV.  This app will guide workouts and fitness to the user. As there are no payment methods, so, it is hoping that maybe this fitness app will be free.

New Home Screen For iPhone

There will be a change in the iPhone home screen layout under iOS 14. The new software will give some options about the list of formats to the iPhone user.

Mouse Support In Apple Devices

Maybe for the only iPad, but finally, Apple is going to bring mouse support in their future updates in iOS 14.

Allowing To Set Third-party Apps

In iOS 14 code updates Apple may allow third-party apps like Google Chrome or Google Maps as default in iPhones.

More Accessibility

The company will add more accessibility in iOS 14 for their physically challenged users. This feature will be able to detect some special gestures, sounds like an alarm, bell ring, etc.

Ar App And Smart HomeKit Updates

This app will help the user to learn about retail shopping through Ar App. The Updates in iOS 14 will also improve smart home kit applications with smart lightning options.

Apple Pencil Notes And Non-Apple Wallpaper Options

With these updates, Apple is allowing its user some non-Apple wallpaper. But this wallpaper still will be created by Apple. It also turns handwritten notes into typed text. This feature will work throughout mails, messages, and notes.

There are some other features too. Features like AirTags, reality scanning, fewer bugs, improved stability, new iMessages, etc. are also included in iOS 14 updates.