Startup PR: Top Strategies for Public Relations Success


Mohit Kamboj

Ronn Torossian who founded 5WPR says when starting a business, there are many things to think about. While trying to get a business up and running, there are many steps involved that can cause the process to get overwhelming quickly. This is especially true when it comes to advertising and publicizing a new startup, because of the need to source funds to pay a professional to handle those duties.

This is why it is important for business owners to learn PR when starting a business. There are many ways to handle the PR side of a business without spending too much money, and while still getting noticed by the public and potential customers.

Torossian says Public relations is a strategy often used by large companies to get their name in the press. However, it’s also used by startups to do things like raising awareness about a product, launching new products and services, or raising venture capital. Although many startups are quick to hire public relations firms to help with these tasks, there are steps companies can take to do this that won’t break the bank.

Startup PR strategies for Entrepreneurs

Know your audience: The first step in getting a brand in front of people is knowing who must be reached. Create a list of editors, reporters, bloggers, and influencers who create content about your industry, niche, or products and services. Learn what they write about, and the type of content they share with their audiences. This will help companies gain an understanding of how to contribute meaningful content that consumers will be inclined to share. Identify the top reporters and influencers whose content would resonate most with your target audience, and work on building relationships with them over time.

Create an effective pitch: The next step is crafting a pitch that will catch the eye of the target audience’s influencers and reporters.

At its core, public relations is about building and sustaining relationships with journalists, influencers, potential customers, and other key stakeholders. It’s also a very effective way to build brand awareness, trust, and credibility — all of which are critical for the success of a new business. However, many startups struggle with PR because they don’t have the resources to hire an outside firm or a full-time employee. This can lead them to either abandon their efforts altogether, or to make common mistakes that diminish their chances for success.

Public Relations for Startups: Challenges and Opportunities

The biggest challenge facing many entrepreneurs is budget. There are some good low-cost options for smaller brands, but most startups simply can’t afford the high retainers that even mid-tier agencies charge.

Then there are the companies who have the budget but struggle to find someone on their team who is both knowledgeable in PR and willing to take it on as one of their many responsibilities. It’s not an easy job, and most startup founders already feel overworked as it is.

The next few years will be a huge challenge for consumer PR, but the right approach can make all the difference. Content will continue to play a huge role in consumer PR as more and more brands focus on telling stories rather than simply selling their product or service.

In 2020 we saw several brands issue communications around social issues like racial injustice and body positivity, and many of them even donated profits or pledged money to charity in order to better their brand image and build trust and loyalty amongst consumers.

This trend will continue into 2022, as brands continue to strive to build meaningful relationships with customers by using PR communications and reflecting their core values and beliefs in them.

This article is all about exploring upcoming trends for Consumer PR in 2022; Social media transparency and regulation, the future of voice search, and the rise of visual influencers. We also look at how these trends could impact businesses, and what business owners need to look out for.

The world of public relations is constantly evolving and changing with trends and technologies. PR professionals and business owners alike need to be aware of what the upcoming trends are for 2022, so that they can stay ahead of the curve.

Ronn Torossian is a public relations executive.