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Stargirl : Review For Grace Vander Waal’s Disney+ Original Project

Stargirl Disney+ Original Project with Grace Vander Waal in it has only good reviews to it’s name.

Stargirl is a comedy-drama animated film released in 2019. It is based on the novel of the same name by Jerry Spinelli, that debuted on Disney+.

Stargirl: Plot

Stargirl, who’s home-schooled in her entire life, enters as a tenth grader at a regular school in Arizona town. She’s different and stands out from the crowd in Mica High. Her behavior is something the other students fail to understand. She’s friendly all the time, even though that’s not how she’s treated back. She’s a free-spirited student who makes a big splash on the first day itself.

Stargirl shines through the school. Her life takes a turn when she joins the cheerleading squad of the football team. And now, she’s more popular than ever.

Stargirl Disney+ Original Project

Leo, a young teen and an eleventh grader at the same school, starts falling for this fascinating girl at school.

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Stargirl Review (Stargirl Disney+ Original Project)

Stargirl is a fantastic Disney+ original movie. It’s fun, emotional, and entertaining. Always the best Disney movie will have cult characters, the best locations, and, most importantly, a catchy storyline. Stargirl has got it all.

Not all young adult romance stories need to end tragically (The Fault in Our Stars, it’s a beautiful movie, no offense). But Stargirl is such a movie that’ll lift your spirits and will make you comfortable in your skin. The story of two beautiful young teens different identities falling in love is beautifully shown in the Disney+ original movie.

Vander Waal Debut As Stargirl (Stargirl Disney+ Original Project)

Grave Vander Waal, an American singer, and songwriter made a bang on film debut with her promising character. It is almost unbelievable that’s this is her movie debut cause she was too good. Vander Wall’s painted the movie as an inspiration to young kids out there.

The Julia Hart directed film comprises a beautiful adaption to the book, giving justice to the novel at the same time creating something new. Regarding the casting of Hart, this what she had to say, “I knew she was Stargirl almost immediately. The world knows what a talented performer she is. I cannot wait for everyone to see just how many sides there are to this special and magical young woman.”

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Another strong point of the movie was its music, which gave significant throwbacks to the classic rock musical era.

Stargirl Disney+ Original Project

Disney always comes up with great creative, original movies, which is truly commendable. Stargirl is something Disney should be incredibly proud of and one of the best originals to date. The audience couldn’t be happy about the fun, emotional ride that Disney took us on with Stargirl.

Did you enjoy Stargirl Disney+ Original Project? Let us know!

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