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Stargirl: Character Concept Art Reveals Detailed Look At The DC Heroine’s Costume

There has been a lot of buzz about Stargirl Wildcat. The designers of her costume have put in their incredibly creative mind to make the sassy outfit suit for the DC heroine. We are fortunate enough to have the look at the concept art. Thanks to the perks of social media, the fans are updated with the progress of their favorite shows!

Stargirl All The Way!

Courtney Whitmore will be playing the titular role. One of the main aspects of the series is Stargirl discovering her true self, but that is not all. We also get more in-depth insight and perspective about the Justice Society of America.

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The Costume Creator


Laura Jean Shannon has designed a remarkable costume. She has even shared a sneak-peek of the first look, which is essentially a concept art made by Gina DeDomenico Flanagan, on her Instagram. The concept of art reflects Yolanda’s suit. 

Shannon has designed numerous costumes for the DC universe before, and it is no big surprise that she is back with her magic. We can spot her work in Jefferson Pierce’s first Black Lightning, Titans suits, and Dick Grayson’s Nightwing armor.

You can view the concept art at the link mentioned below:

About The Series Stargirl

We cannot extract a lot of information about Yolanda from the trailer. The trailer mostly focuses on Courtney. But Yolanda will get her limelight moments on the show for sure. The primary reason behind this is the fact that she is Ted’s goddaughter.

The Stargirl series will premier on May 18th, and we are more than excited to watch this intriguing work. You can binge the series on The CW from May 19th. We are not sure whether the upcoming Stargirl seasons will face any delay due to the corona pandemic, but till then, let us enjoy the first season of the series!


What are your thoughts on the concept revealed? Are you excited to watch the Stargirl series? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below!

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